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What’s your Priority!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is 24 hours in a day. Sit down and write down a chart or a time sheet of your typical day, of your activities and see what it is like.(take out 8 hours of sleep) Now really look at it hard and long. What does it say to you. This should you hit you like a ton of bricks!!
Where’s God in my schedule? If He is not in that chart, then throw that chart away and start a new life!!
God is Life. If we don’t have God, we have NO life.period. God is that natural thing that we should look to without thinking or doing anything.
God is in His word, This is the first place we look for Him. His thoughts and will is in the Holy Word. Remember these words are His very personal words of wisdom for us, we have to search and pray for His understanding of the Bible. God’s Truth is in the meaning not of necessarily the words of the bible.
God’s words are awesome, HIS meanings are out of this world!! Really!!!!!

Here is a challenge to everyone! Start slow with the bible reading and read for 10 minutes a day. Maybe every week or every month increase it by 10 or 15 minutes with deep searching of the bible. Ask God what He wants me to get out of this passage every time you read something. It will become alive before your very eyes! Your heart will be filled with joy unspeakable! Increase the time in your bible on a regular basis, this is actually time with the Lord, His words. What would you or me, or the world look like if we were to be with the Lord 24/7!!!!!!!!!

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