Are you ready to give up yet?

This may sound sad or pathetic,but it is just where God wants you!!

God does not want you to be doing anything by your strength!!! It is thru His strength that the Kingdom comes.

Why do we continue to do things on our own strength or on our own ways, do we realize it is in vain. If we believe that Christ died on the cross for us and with us,(we too, died on the cross,this is our humanness that is dead) We need to realize this in our living!  I am not sure exactly what this looks like from our human eyes perspective, but I believe that our spirit will see it when we come across us. This is so hard to explain to people. We will know Christ when we have the faith and belief in Him.

Our first question to ourselves should be “What is God’s eternal Plan?”,what was His intention for us?

Our Creator was in all His essence wanted a place on earth to rest His Head and Body? Think about that for just a little bit. Let me rephrase that so you might understand it better. Our Creator wanted to fellowship with US in our home our life! He wants to be Father,Son,and Holy Spirit or One with us!!!!

This is all He wants!!!!!!

Until we finally agree to be empty of ourselves, or trying to be something, try to be in charge, we will not understand the Creator’s ultimate eternal goal.

So go ahead, Give it up!!! God in you is all that He wants!!


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