Challenge for the day!

This is a challenge to everyone out there in blog land!!

What are you doing in your daily life,in your daily routine,or your daily walk with the Lord is done only by tradition!

I challenge you to search deep into your self and research why you do what you do!!!!!

Do not do things that you just do because of habit, but truly look into the things that you believe in.

The Jews in the old testament were caught up in their traditions of who God was to them, and refused to change their picture of who God was. This was their downfall to this day! The jews still see God as the Law and the Temple,God’s intention with His people was to show them in  a way that they understood Him in a practical way, but they were to see the change and see Him in a new Light of Christ the Resurrection Christ.

He had to go as far as destroying the temple to show them that He was not now there but He could be with them in an indwelling Spirit. He also showed them that the Law was Christ. Not commandments.  You know we are just like kids!! As a kid we have to shown or told a thousand times something before we understand a principle. It seems like we have to be allowed a few thousand years to understand the same thing as the Jews.

Christ went through a dispensation for us to see in a very up close and personal way. He became a man  on earth, lived His life, died for us, defeated death, and became a Living God inside Us. Yet we still see Him as still on earth and living as us, We have to realize that We have died to the old ways, and we are new to Christ’s living in US!!

The Physical Temple is gone,the law is in another form. Both are in Christ. Amen and Amen


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