Man’s preferences = Denominations

This is a very bold statement!!

But I believe that it is true! Man’s ways are not God’s ways! Period.

I have realized that Christianity has been stuck at the Cross. But I see glimmers of Hope now and then of some christians getting past the cross.  You see, Christ Died on the Cross for US, let me explain it another way, do you know those cartoons on saturday morning that portray someone getting smashed by something, then comes a portrayal of some kind of body(spirit) floating up into the sky. Well, this is exactly what happened at the Cross, Our body has stayed here, and our spirit lives on, because of Christ. God wants His Spirit to meld with ours. He could not of done this if our body(humanness was still active with us) But our spirit is now one with His.

We have allowed our preferences of all mankind to  now have over 450,000 denominations in the U.S.. God cannot be to happy!! He says this in Ephesians 2:22,John 4:21-23, and mentions that our worship could only involve 2 or 3 people in Matthew 18:20. We are to worship in Spirit for He is God. Amen and Praise the Lord


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