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Are you multiplying?

God’s intentions from the beginning were quite clear to Adam and Eve. They were to live in God’s enjoyment and to multiply.  Now the meaning of multiplying here is twofold. One is the natural multiplying of mankind. The second is that of another kind.

God design of man’s habitation on earth should be a clue for us to look at. First, look out your window and just be amazed at what God has made. From where I sit, I can look out my window and see the awesome site of the majestic mountain of Pike’s Peak!! WOW!!

Another aspect of our surroundings is that Adam was in charge of the Animals. Let’s just say here and now that being in charge of the animals is just an awesome responsibility from God. But also that it shows that gave us the ability to sustains us in a physical way, food. God gave us instant food with animals( sorry for you that are vegetations, you can eat the green stuff in the garden), But if you will notice that God did not give us just one animal of one kind, but two. This is significant in so many ways. He was going to take care of us for along time down the road, as long as we kept up our responsibility of taking care of the animals.

His plan was to be internal not temporal.

We can now transfer this concept to mankind. God’s ways are good in the largest sense of the word. If we are to survive in this world, or God’s Kingdom, we should follow His example. God’s 2nd meaning of multiplying is our responsibility of sharing God’s ways with our family, so that it may be shared with the next generation. Can you imagine if this would of happened with all God’s children?

God’s Truth multiplied is Awesome!!! This should be our goal as Father and Mother’s.


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Where are you sitting?

Isn’t it ironic, that people in church services migrate to the furthest pews from the pastor?

But wait,maybe not! Excuse me for saying this but it has to be said. Maybe this kind of worship is not of God!

Let me explain myself. If this is what God intended to be an example of His worship of Him, would we not be sitting at the feet of the Pastor?(this is not to give more credence to a Pastor!)but if He is of God wouldn’t this make sense?

This is exactly what Mary did when Christ came into her home, she sat at Jesus’s feet, not on the next to last row so I could beat everybody out of church to make it to the restaurant in time! If we do not think or believe that God is in the room why are we there?

Please think about this for a few minutes or longer. Please.

If Christ is in a physical room or a physical way, I would be at His side in a heartbeat!! But the matter of things is that our mindset is that things of a service are not of God, so we do not react in that way.

Let me lead you on to a different path. How do you get close to God? I for one am the closest to Him, when I am reading His word. I am an avid reader, but I am more of an avid reader of the Word, you see Christ is in His Word, the Living Word. He lives in His words,His thoughts, His people, and His Spirit. His Spirit is what is the closest  I believe you can get. I can become like a kid in a candy store when God gives me insight into His Spirit.

Let me go deeper into this subject, Let me give my 2 cent opinion of this matter. We as christians have just plainly missed the boat on what Christ wanted!!!!  Let me explain, You see it is like the Piñata effect! Our natural action when we see the Pinata is to get a big stick so we can beat that thing to death, so we can have all that candy inside. Candy is the byproduct of the Pinata. For centuries we have been trying to find a stick at church and beating that pinata to get to candy, when we should of been trying to just own the pinata ourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doesn’t this make sense! Yes, a million times. You see if we had the Piñata(Christ) we would own the Candy(byproducts of Christ) His Gifts of the Spirit.

God is our Goal. So, Where are you sitting? Are you sitting close to Him or are you in the 43rd row?

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