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Football fanatics

I am not the only crazy out there in this world that is crazy for their football team.My particular team is the Nebraska Cornhuskers.Now my intense following of this team has come to some far out extremes. I never miss a game on tv, I buy everything that involves the Huskers. I talk about it on a daily basis, my wife loves the little tidbits of news that I share with her!, Don’t talk to me when it is game time, have every hat,shirt,and accessory, this reinforces our deep down commitment to our cause. But yet this is the exact same behavior of all my Husker fans.  We all act,talk,and breath the same team! This is just in my small inner circle around my family,too. Now let me broaden the perspective of this truth.

When I want to have more of a experience of this I sometimes go to a sports restaurant that has many more crazy huskers and we experience the Game! Now, Our only objective at this function, is to eat, talk about the subject,Nebraska football and watch the Huskers Win. Fellowship is our only priority in this setting.

Now If I was to take it to the next level, I would shell out the tickets,car or plane fare,eats,and room and board to stay in Lincoln,Nebraska. This would have to be for every game on saturday,of course. Our identity is the same,our spirit is the same,our likeness is the same(everyone wears red). When we come together we are one, HuskerNation. (the title as we are commonly known for)

This concept I believe is the  Church that God describes in the Bible. We are a pillar,we can be a few pillars together, or as pillars around the world as the Whole Church.It is the concept that I am a pillar, I can be with other pillars in my city, or I can represent all pillars of the world as “the Church” or Body of Christ.

God’s desire is for us to be OF Him.

When I watch a game or go to watch a game, I am not Doug, I am a Husker NUT. I am one with the State.

This should be what we are of Christ!


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