I am amazed

With the advancement of technology,church services,internet,and evangelism, I am still amazed at the lack of influence there is on people for God. We tout our amazing programs,our seminars,our institutions, our leaders and our mighty ways yet we have not left a dent on our world for Christ?

I am  in a precarious situation at the moment in my life. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything! You see God is taking me thru this journey of (hopefully less that 40 yrs) in the desert to cross over into the Promise Land(Christ). I am currently unemployed and still searching for a job,which has left me with time to search God in alot of ways. God has used many great men and their wisdom,the Bible, and mainly inspiration thru Christ Himself to me.

I see and hear people in my smaller circle of life and influence and have noticed that friends and family are still unreached as far as Christ. Why is that?

I have asked the question many times to people on how they can be changed on particular matter, and the answer is usually I am not sure?  Which this has brought me to the notion that I as Doug am powerless to do so to change anyones mind!

My favorite verse in the bible is Romans 12:2-Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world,but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is-his good,pleasing and perfect will.

The renewing of my mind,let alone of anyone else’s mind is not under my control! I am not a mind melt person!  I have done a 360 degree thinking on some things in the last few years and a few 270 degrees and they have not come from me personally but from The LORD. I believe that this also only can come from HIM, not me or anyone else. His nature is all we need.

We who are Christ like should be just that, Christ like. We are to be Christ ‘s nature. He was Christ. People just believed because He was Christ.

This has led me to realization that I must have Christ Nature. period.



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  1. We can relate to your searching, Doug. God always intended our existence to be wrapped around and saturated with relationship – – – First personal relationship/fellowship with Him/His son Jesus Christ/the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ; and secondly personal relationships/shared life with others. Nothing about a weekly, structured, traditional meeting where we all sit in silence and listen to a designated relegious leader…..that all went away when the veil was ripped in to during Christ’s ultimate act of love on the cross! We are trying to intentionally focus on a growing relationship with Christ and those whom He crosses our path with. Keep on questioning and searching with His guidance, and allow us to tag along!!! 🙂

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