Symbolism: the use of conventional or traditional signs in the representation of divine beings and spirits.

Have you ever read the bible thru the lenses of Symbolism.

Try at first to re-read Genesis thru the lense of symbolism. Ask questions for every verse, every chapter, every book. Look at it as God is trying to tell you a parable with that hidden gem of reason that He wants you to understand.

There is symbolism in every word in the bible! Remember, God’s ways are not our ways!!

This concept may make your hair stand up when you start reading the bible this way!  You see Jesus was trying to tell the parable’s to the Jews, but yet they didn’t understand either. It could be that our vision of Christ is short-sided, His understanding is beyond our human minds but yet we have that opportunity to be in-tune with Him thru His spirit with ours.

Looking thru the lenses of symbolism may change your perspective  of the bible’s main message,beware.  It is all about Christ and His Body! What was God’s eternal purpose? Put those new glasses on and find out!!










Rev 6:9



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