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Farm Circles

I was recently on a flight to oklahoma city, flying over the country and many distinct-full scenery of mostly farming communities.  When flying that high in the sky you notice the circles on the ground very easily because they are green, and everything around them are not. You then come to the conclusion that this piece of land must be agriculture property and that it is being irrigated.

My recent reading of the Book of Ruth in the Bible mentions the same thing in the story of Ruth. Naomi, Ruth’s mother in law, talks her into going to Bethlehem to help with the harvest. Ruth’s intention was to pick up the left over grain picked on the corners of the field’s.

The tradition and ways of the Lord was for the corners of the field to be left un-glimmed. The farmer was not to touch the corners of the field for his taking, this was to be used only for the ones who were of need of food. A traveler,a poor one or a widow could come by and harvest the grain and have a meal.

The farmers circle(my description of his land) was his good land that produced his food, was his bounty. A farmer’s harvest was based on following the basic instructions of farming. Plant the seed,care for his land, rely on rain, and wait for the harvest. This was the pattern.

God’s blessing on the farm was in a way based on the farmer’s faith. His faith of his crop was to be expected, (I myself do not have much control of wether my garden makes it or not, I just plant the seed) the farmer also just plants the seeds and has faith that there will be a harvest.

If our faith in our grains is great then our farm land will produce in multiples exponentially. This would be like planting one seed of corn and harvesting 10 ears of corn. Now that’s what I call a harvest. Now there is another side to this story that you might not of seen the first time you read it, or the second. When the farmer was believing and living the faithful life to God, his need was less!! Don’t understand do you? You see this is an example of us dieing to ourselves for our want. Our farm circle will slowly shrink to a smaller circle because of our trust and faithfulness to Christ. He is our all. Do you understand what then happens to our field?

Circle gets smaller, the corner get larger!! The Corner is the testimony of our provider! Our lives are the shinning example of our Lord. He is our spiritual and divine author of our all inclusive Lord. We are His Harvest!!


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