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What would it take to get you to go back to the basics of Life?

Now for some of us the basics is still alot! But for the rest of us, what would it really take to get rid of some of the stuff in our lives. What would it be like to have nothing to entertain us every second of the day? If a survey was to be taken in this day of age, most people would not be able  to sit still for more than 2 minutes without complaining that we need to do something. And yet we tell our kids to just sit still for a minute or two for us.

What I am really talking about is the getting rid of our busyness stuff in our lives. We have to have something to do to occupy our every day,and every week that we have.

This actually should show us what we are  really about in our living as a person and families. Why do we think that we and our families have to be busy?

It almost seems like we live for excess or we are searching for more in life? But yet if we were to search our hearts, we should be able to just live by the basics of life. Now, my basics in life are eating,clothing, and shelter. Anything else is a luxury, yes a luxury.

I challenge you to cut back on something this next week of something that is considered a luxury and do something manualy, or do without something this week.

I myself, have been sorta forced to start doing something manually this week, and amazingly the benefits have been I spend more time with my wife and actually talk with her! Sorry husbands but it is true.


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