3 is the magic number

The post title is a play on baseball verbiage.  It is the number of games that are needed to win for a team to win to make the playoffs.

I am going to use it in a similar way with the Trinity of God.

I have been involved in the Church arena for over 50 years, my observations of things have been many. Here is a list of a few, with my last one being the topic of the day.

People are picky on music

people are picky with leaders

people are picky with traditions

people are all about themselves

people like dressing up, dressing down

people like to socialize

and many more, but  one noticeable thing that I have noticed in the singing of the hymns,chorus’s or songs  is that they only sing about 2 people. God and Jesus.

Now that is all in all good but not quite complete. You see there is 3 in the Trinity.

This is where I have been studying the bible in reference in the Kingdom of God. The All-Inclusive Christ is what the Church is. The transformed Christ. All that to say that Christ has experienced all three phased of himself to be completed as instructed by God. Jesus was in human form,His death, His resurrection. What a transformation! Wow!

The last experience is where the church has had the problem for awhile,IMO,and many others.(this is twitter talk, for people who don’t twitter. In my opinion.

The Holy Spirit’s involvement in the church is almost non-existent in the local church’s.

God’s Church is built on the Holy Spirit in US as the Church. See Ephesians 3:17,1 Corinthians 3:11-13,Romans 8,Romans 14:17,John 14:20.

If The Church was of God, our songs in Church would be different, let alone in our personal lives, don’t you think? We are not singing with the Christ that has been resurrected into the Holy Spirit into our spirit,heart and our minds.

We will be able to see,feel,hear the Church when we people, or Christ’s people,the Church sing of the Holy Spirit.

I pray that we all search for this third aspect of God in a very deep and understanding way in the coming days.

I ask you to look earnestly into everyone you meet this week and see if they are of this Third Aspect of Christ! The Church is being built by God as we speak, read Matthew 16



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