What did the Tree of Life really look like?

What would make you not choose the Tree of Life if it was in front of You?

I guess it would  probably be self!

It is with the understanding of where Adam and Eve were in two states. One state was that they were in paradise, and that they were just living it! No worries about anything, great surroundings,great food, and no worries.  What would they do to spoil this arrangement?

But yet they jeopardized it with the doubting of what God said to them. Just the fact that there was doubt, proves that they were in a non-Christ way.

In another state, it would seem that adam and eve did not recognize God in the Tree of Life. I wonder at what would make them not see this? God is Life, Christ is Life, Holy Spirit is Life. All parts of God were there in the Garden of Eden, but yet there was no recognition of them.

Adam and Eve both were of God in the sense of having the breath of God,beginning of their lives, but there was still that not understanding the circumstances.

I believe that we may be in that same circumstance now. But I also believe that our eyes are being opened to the Truth or to the Tree of Life because the Spirit is moving in His people.

Now what is the difference of now and then? What I can see is that we are seeing Christ now, as opposed to adam and eve not seeing Christ in the Garden of Eden. Our perspective has had to change from away from us and to only Him. Our view of “world” that we live in has changed, I believe in the way that we perceive our meaning of “Life” is changing to us.

Our meaning of “True Life” is really the indwelling of Christ in Us. In this time of year it is the understanding that Christ’s death, is the beginning of Christ’s actually indwelling in us. This is maybe what God was looking for in the Garden of Eden. God in us, and us in God!


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