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If you haven’t heard of the saying “Not of this World”, It is also what Jesus said to Herod in his explanation of His Kingdom.

Christ is also telling us that we should live within Him, and Us within Him. His life is different than ours, it seems that we are just living in our day to day world. We just don’t understand this concept of living. Christ’s indwelling of us. What is it? What does it look like? How do I have it?

My understanding of this is that it takes our dieing to ourselves to fully see this and know it. Our attempt to “do it” just will not work, because the first thing is that we can’t do it. Our attempt to do anything is just not in our realm to work. This has been the problem with our world and christianity in general, we have been “trying to do it” and not letting God thru Christ’s Spirit in Us just be in Us.

I believe that we have come by the understanding that we are directed by God to work at the attempt to get to heaven. This has been a major misconception in our beliefs and teachings in the church. Our faith of Christ in his resurrection and His Resurrected Life is what is missing.

If Christ is in us as the indwelling Spirit, and Christ is not of this world, then 2+2 = We should not be apart of this World either! 

Now my guess is that you don’t know what this looks like,feels like, or the consequences of it! Guess what, I don’t either. But my spirit is testing me into the believing of it and trusting of this indwelling spirit of God.

My experience so far is that the worldly world wants me back. It wants me to come back to the security of the daily routine of working my fingers to the bone for my toys and my wants that become broken or useless in just a few months.  My understanding of this world is understood. My understanding of God’s kingdom I know but haven’t really experienced. It is the experience that what really matters!!!

I challenge you to become apart of this WORLD, be filled with His indwelling Spirit, and not have want of the this world we live in.

Go and proclaim that you are truly “NOT OF THIS WORLD”!!!!!! Amen and Amen


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It’s just a matter of life?

I have been inundated by many aspects of our daily routine in life lately with the many people that I associate with. I am in awe in the respect that we carry on in our lives as tho Christ does not exist?

We believe that our pure existence is to just carry on doing our daily duties of human society. What!? God’s intention was not for us just to exist to make life bearable to work,sleep,and eat. It was to have God indwelt in us from the begging of time! Yet we feel that we are to “better our selves to be something” in this life.

Our desire should be that of attaining God thru Jesus Christ!! Why do we not attain Him, through the understanding that It is Jesus Christ is the Life of God!

Let us remember that we are in the paradigm that we picked in the Garden of Eden, the paradigm of the “knowledge of good and evil”. We understand that we can portray what is supposedly good, and of evil. Isn’t this why we are in this state of “it’s just a matter of life” that we have to make do with this normal life of living.

God had and has a perfect plan!  Just accept and believe it, It is the “Life” the life of God indwelling in us! Amen and Amen!!

Please try and go to the website of Frank Viola and check some articles, books or podcasts of his ministry. You won’t be sorry.

Try this podcast out!

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The Tree is dead

My testimony is that I should not know that of good and evil! I love this quote from Frank Viola. This is my email signature quote that inspires me to know that the tree is dead.

The tree that I am talking about is the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil that was set in the garden of eden. You see this tree became dead when christ  was resurrected from the grave and He became the “Consumated Triune God” to us.

Our attempt at trying to become the “good” in the old testament realm was the best that we could ever attain no matter how hard we tried. It is only thru Christ himself that we become full of Life!

Let me first address this transition or paradigm that we must know and institute. The paradigm that we must acknowledge that we are in is the realm of the knowledge of good and evil. A reminder to us all, Our ways are not God’s ways! When we chose that wrong tree, we became flesh, thus everything we have and are doing is in the flesh!

Our words,actions,thoughts,programs,preaching,teaching, evangelizing, fellowship and church have all been in the flesh ways. Until we realize this we will not attain Christ. Our purpose is to be mingled with Christ and He mingled with Us. This is the “Consummated Triune God” that we are to be!

It is my perception that the Christians of our day have been stuck at the tomb, knowing that Christ has arose and has avenged death, but didn’t know what to do or say next? We have been fixated to the life of Jesus and His disciples walk with Him that we have  failed to realized on what His death really means!

Christ’s Spirit and Ours have melded together forming the Church or His Bride. The Eternal purpose has been reached. The Church is beginning to understand this body part by body part. Oh Glorious Day, when the whole church recognizes this and then His Church will be the Church!! Amen and Amen.

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Our logic of math has been wrong all this time!!

Why do we insist that if we clone ourselves that it would be considered life? When, in fact it is just the opposite.

John 12:24 says “I tell you the truth,unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies,it remains only a single seed. But if it dies,it produces many seeds. 25. “The man who loves his life will lose it,while the man who hates his life in this world will  keep it for eternal life.”With the dieing of the physical  seed, it still has power in it’s deadness, and it is the life of newness to be planted again to produce.

I just finished planting my garden for the year, and not one of those seeds looked like they were “alive”. They all looked like they were lifeless in my hands before I planted them. But in the coming weeks I will have been proved wrong when there will be hints of a green plant peeking it’s head above the ground.  What an awesome picture to just sit back and look at the beauty of the symbolism of life!

What really blows my mind to think that it is our understanding that we are to reproduce to become what God wants us to be? I could be sitting and watching a little seed in my hand to reproduce itself for a very long time!  We have are under the impression that it is through our works that God is multiplied.

I truly believe that it is God and God alone that is in that seed that I planted, because that seed is dead. This should be us also, until we are dead inside and are filled with God in spirit that He will be reproduced.

This is truly God’s Church!

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Food for thought

God has and is, still all about food?!  What?

Yes, Our first question from God was ” Do you want something to eat from tree 1 or tree 2!

Now, we all know that this is just symbolism about the fruit of the trees, but more importantly it was symbolism about “do we want to eat of Him?” Evidently we didn’t.

But the answer should of been a resounding “YES”. You see in my biology class in high school I learned something. “you are what you eat!” Wow, if we only knew that back in the garden!! (We sorta learned this the hard way,with our experience of good and evil)

But now we are having to learn this thousands of years later, and we would of been full of Christ by now!! Christ in Us, and Us in Christ is what ultimately what God wanted all along!

The Living and regenerated Christ that is in us through resurrection has accomplished this path to Christ in Us, and Us in Christ.

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It’s true

Now that the weather is nice outside. I have the opportunity to go out on my deck and sit on our porch swing and read the bible and books. This is so refreshing to just sit and enjoy the Lord and his many wondruss things.

I have an old pair of antlers of what I do not know of what, that I received from my grandfather McCone when I was a boy that I have added to my scenic backyard. I will sometimes just sit and watch my little scampering friends the squirrels rustlel around our backyard investigating things or just burying peanuts that someone has given them in the hood.

I have also noticed that my little friends the squirrels( I have them named wilber and fred) have enjoyed the antlers for life. You see they will come by almost every day, and nawl on those atlers for the nutrients of them for life. Don’t really know how bones taste but guess it must be good to them.

It just goes to show you that what God says is true! That thru His death brings life!!

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I have been given new eyes, and I didn’t have an operation either!!

I have been reading the bible with a new vision the last few years with new insight that has just amazed me of what God’s real intention was and is in the Bible!

It is as tho this is the first time that I have read the bible, and the spirit of the words are talking to me. It is sometimes hard to explain it to someone but I think it comes across that it is different but from the Lord.  It is sometimes  just plain “giddy” (I know this is an old term,but it works.) The excitement that I feel when God shows me something in His words of the bible, not just the words but the intention of his words that has overwhelm me, that it is almost unreal.

God has left many clues in His words for his intentions of His purpose, but we have failed to see them. I believe that we have been blinded by the words themselves to see the real meaning of Christ. After all it was the Holy Spirit that wrote the Bible, His ways are not ours even in writing!

I challenge you to read the bible today with a different perspective than you have before and read it thru God’s eyes! You will be astounded by what you read. I know I was. It will tell you the mystery of Christ that He wants us all to know!!!

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Thought on the Church

A observation that I had this week over a discussion with a friend brought up an insight to me that caused me to understand the Institutional churches.

If you were to be asked by someone from outside your church or from the unchurched, what would be your answer? You see, I already know your answer! Your answer will always go back to last sunday’s message or what program is going on that is exciting you at this time.

But this is how the institutional church has gone wrong, we are very shallow in our answers because of two things. One being that it concerned us as a “I” experience. Our answers will always start with “Well, I was……”. When it should be about the others. Secondly, and mainly it is “all about the corporate church,or the Bride of Christ”.

This second answer shows  that we are not “Christ minded”. We are not of one like mind if we are not like Christ!  We then are separated from God if we are not with him in spirit. It is just and only about Christ’s mind and spirit.

The institutional church is very protected in not knowing anything outside their walls of church. God is moving,speaking,building His Church the way He designed it in the Garden. We need to understand that His church is not between the walls but “in Him,in Us”. I challenge you this week to look,listen, and search God’s world that His Spirit is moving as we speak!

God’s ways are not our ways, He is all about His Church, His Corporate Church, His Bride!

Man’s ways of our individual ways,or denominations, has got to change!! The bible affirms this thought in 1 Corinthians 1:10-17.

Let us all be about God’s Church!

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I find it interesting that we use words to suit our purpose in telling a story.

Testimony, is one such word. There has been a mis-use I believe of this word for the  last few hundred years, the evangelistic movement of our times have used this word to promote our testimony to others of our faith.  Christ’s original context of this word was for our testimony to Him.

This is where we have been misled in our focus as Christ like. We have put the focus on our belief in Christ as an effort of us to communicate our testimony. We have been putting that yolk around us to further God’s kingdom in our own strength. This could not be farther from the truth, as it says in 1kings 8:12-21,Matthew 16:18,Ephesians 5:27,Colosians 1:24.

Jesus’s walk on this earth for 33 years was God’s testimony. His persuasion technique was not programs,religious sermons,institutions, or knocking on doors but HIS testimony of His Father. He was about His Father’s business, He said this in various places in the bible, one was when He was a boy and was by himself in the temple learning and standing up for His father and His ways. Another was when He was on the cross, when He said ” It was finished”, you see He only had 1 business to do, and that was His father’s business.

The argument to this way of thinking, is who is going to tell or witness to other people!  This is where we sell the Lord short! He will! His indwelling Spirit in us manifest’s in others just naturally,without us working to do so. This is exactly what happened at the day of Pentecost with Peter. Peter was giving his testimony to God, when the crowd believed and accepted the testimony of Christ’s life.

This should be our testimony, to The All inclusive Christ, indwelling Spirit, and Almighty God.  This is called fellowship!!

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