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I find it interesting that we use words to suit our purpose in telling a story.

Testimony, is one such word. There has been a mis-use I believe of this word for the  last few hundred years, the evangelistic movement of our times have used this word to promote our testimony to others of our faith.  Christ’s original context of this word was for our testimony to Him.

This is where we have been misled in our focus as Christ like. We have put the focus on our belief in Christ as an effort of us to communicate our testimony. We have been putting that yolk around us to further God’s kingdom in our own strength. This could not be farther from the truth, as it says in 1kings 8:12-21,Matthew 16:18,Ephesians 5:27,Colosians 1:24.

Jesus’s walk on this earth for 33 years was God’s testimony. His persuasion technique was not programs,religious sermons,institutions, or knocking on doors but HIS testimony of His Father. He was about His Father’s business, He said this in various places in the bible, one was when He was a boy and was by himself in the temple learning and standing up for His father and His ways. Another was when He was on the cross, when He said ” It was finished”, you see He only had 1 business to do, and that was His father’s business.

The argument to this way of thinking, is who is going to tell or witness to other people!  This is where we sell the Lord short! He will! His indwelling Spirit in us manifest’s in others just naturally,without us working to do so. This is exactly what happened at the day of Pentecost with Peter. Peter was giving his testimony to God, when the crowd believed and accepted the testimony of Christ’s life.

This should be our testimony, to The All inclusive Christ, indwelling Spirit, and Almighty God.  This is called fellowship!!


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