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Thought on the Church

A observation that I had this week over a discussion with a friend brought up an insight to me that caused me to understand the Institutional churches.

If you were to be asked by someone from outside your church or from the unchurched, what would be your answer? You see, I already know your answer! Your answer will always go back to last sunday’s message or what program is going on that is exciting you at this time.

But this is how the institutional church has gone wrong, we are very shallow in our answers because of two things. One being that it concerned us as a “I” experience. Our answers will always start with “Well, I was……”. When it should be about the others. Secondly, and mainly it is “all about the corporate church,or the Bride of Christ”.

This second answer shows  that we are not “Christ minded”. We are not of one like mind if we are not like Christ!  We then are separated from God if we are not with him in spirit. It is just and only about Christ’s mind and spirit.

The institutional church is very protected in not knowing anything outside their walls of church. God is moving,speaking,building His Church the way He designed it in the Garden. We need to understand that His church is not between the walls but “in Him,in Us”. I challenge you this week to look,listen, and search God’s world that His Spirit is moving as we speak!

God’s ways are not our ways, He is all about His Church, His Corporate Church, His Bride!

Man’s ways of our individual ways,or denominations, has got to change!! The bible affirms this thought in 1 Corinthians 1:10-17.

Let us all be about God’s Church!


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