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It’s true

Now that the weather is nice outside. I have the opportunity to go out on my deck and sit on our porch swing and read the bible and books. This is so refreshing to just sit and enjoy the Lord and his many wondruss things.

I have an old pair of antlers of what I do not know of what, that I received from my grandfather McCone when I was a boy that I have added to my scenic backyard. I will sometimes just sit and watch my little scampering friends the squirrels rustlel around our backyard investigating things or just burying peanuts that someone has given them in the hood.

I have also noticed that my little friends the squirrels( I have them named wilber and fred) have enjoyed the antlers for life. You see they will come by almost every day, and nawl on those atlers for the nutrients of them for life. Don’t really know how bones taste but guess it must be good to them.

It just goes to show you that what God says is true! That thru His death brings life!!


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I have been given new eyes, and I didn’t have an operation either!!

I have been reading the bible with a new vision the last few years with new insight that has just amazed me of what God’s real intention was and is in the Bible!

It is as tho this is the first time that I have read the bible, and the spirit of the words are talking to me. It is sometimes hard to explain it to someone but I think it comes across that it is different but from the Lord.  It is sometimes  just plain “giddy” (I know this is an old term,but it works.) The excitement that I feel when God shows me something in His words of the bible, not just the words but the intention of his words that has overwhelm me, that it is almost unreal.

God has left many clues in His words for his intentions of His purpose, but we have failed to see them. I believe that we have been blinded by the words themselves to see the real meaning of Christ. After all it was the Holy Spirit that wrote the Bible, His ways are not ours even in writing!

I challenge you to read the bible today with a different perspective than you have before and read it thru God’s eyes! You will be astounded by what you read. I know I was. It will tell you the mystery of Christ that He wants us all to know!!!

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