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Food for thought

God has and is, still all about food?!  What?

Yes, Our first question from God was ” Do you want something to eat from tree 1 or tree 2!

Now, we all know that this is just symbolism about the fruit of the trees, but more importantly it was symbolism about “do we want to eat of Him?” Evidently we didn’t.

But the answer should of been a resounding “YES”. You see in my biology class in high school I learned something. “you are what you eat!” Wow, if we only knew that back in the garden!! (We sorta learned this the hard way,with our experience of good and evil)

But now we are having to learn this thousands of years later, and we would of been full of Christ by now!! Christ in Us, and Us in Christ is what ultimately what God wanted all along!

The Living and regenerated Christ that is in us through resurrection has accomplished this path to Christ in Us, and Us in Christ.


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