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The Tree is dead

My testimony is that I should not know that of good and evil! I love this quote from Frank Viola. This is my email signature quote that inspires me to know that the tree is dead.

The tree that I am talking about is the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil that was set in the garden of eden. You see this tree became dead when christ  was resurrected from the grave and He became the “Consumated Triune God” to us.

Our attempt at trying to become the “good” in the old testament realm was the best that we could ever attain no matter how hard we tried. It is only thru Christ himself that we become full of Life!

Let me first address this transition or paradigm that we must know and institute. The paradigm that we must acknowledge that we are in is the realm of the knowledge of good and evil. A reminder to us all, Our ways are not God’s ways! When we chose that wrong tree, we became flesh, thus everything we have and are doing is in the flesh!

Our words,actions,thoughts,programs,preaching,teaching, evangelizing, fellowship and church have all been in the flesh ways. Until we realize this we will not attain Christ. Our purpose is to be mingled with Christ and He mingled with Us. This is the “Consummated Triune God” that we are to be!

It is my perception that the Christians of our day have been stuck at the tomb, knowing that Christ has arose and has avenged death, but didn’t know what to do or say next? We have been fixated to the life of Jesus and His disciples walk with Him that we have  failed to realized on what His death really means!

Christ’s Spirit and Ours have melded together forming the Church or His Bride. The Eternal purpose has been reached. The Church is beginning to understand this body part by body part. Oh Glorious Day, when the whole church recognizes this and then His Church will be the Church!! Amen and Amen.


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