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It’s just a matter of life?

I have been inundated by many aspects of our daily routine in life lately with the many people that I associate with. I am in awe in the respect that we carry on in our lives as tho Christ does not exist?

We believe that our pure existence is to just carry on doing our daily duties of human society. What!? God’s intention was not for us just to exist to make life bearable to work,sleep,and eat. It was to have God indwelt in us from the begging of time! Yet we feel that we are to “better our selves to be something” in this life.

Our desire should be that of attaining God thru Jesus Christ!! Why do we not attain Him, through the understanding that It is Jesus Christ is the Life of God!

Let us remember that we are in the paradigm that we picked in the Garden of Eden, the paradigm of the “knowledge of good and evil”. We understand that we can portray what is supposedly good, and of evil. Isn’t this why we are in this state of “it’s just a matter of life” that we have to make do with this normal life of living.

God had and has a perfect plan!  Just accept and believe it, It is the “Life” the life of God indwelling in us! Amen and Amen!!

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