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If you haven’t heard of the saying “Not of this World”, It is also what Jesus said to Herod in his explanation of His Kingdom.

Christ is also telling us that we should live within Him, and Us within Him. His life is different than ours, it seems that we are just living in our day to day world. We just don’t understand this concept of living. Christ’s indwelling of us. What is it? What does it look like? How do I have it?

My understanding of this is that it takes our dieing to ourselves to fully see this and know it. Our attempt to “do it” just will not work, because the first thing is that we can’t do it. Our attempt to do anything is just not in our realm to work. This has been the problem with our world and christianity in general, we have been “trying to do it” and not letting God thru Christ’s Spirit in Us just be in Us.

I believe that we have come by the understanding that we are directed by God to work at the attempt to get to heaven. This has been a major misconception in our beliefs and teachings in the church. Our faith of Christ in his resurrection and His Resurrected Life is what is missing.

If Christ is in us as the indwelling Spirit, and Christ is not of this world, then 2+2 = We should not be apart of this World either! 

Now my guess is that you don’t know what this looks like,feels like, or the consequences of it! Guess what, I don’t either. But my spirit is testing me into the believing of it and trusting of this indwelling spirit of God.

My experience so far is that the worldly world wants me back. It wants me to come back to the security of the daily routine of working my fingers to the bone for my toys and my wants that become broken or useless in just a few months.  My understanding of this world is understood. My understanding of God’s kingdom I know but haven’t really experienced. It is the experience that what really matters!!!

I challenge you to become apart of this WORLD, be filled with His indwelling Spirit, and not have want of the this world we live in.

Go and proclaim that you are truly “NOT OF THIS WORLD”!!!!!! Amen and Amen


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