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She’s opening her eyes!

She is just now opening her eye’s looking around for the first time. She is noticing the surrounding things in the world. She is hearing the soft whispers of the voices. She is crying and hungry for growth. She has been born!

Who am I talking about you are wondering?

No, Deb did not have a little one, Heaven forbid on both our parts. (grandkids are enough)

You see, the real Church is being born as I write. Look around you! look at work,look at school,look on your daily walk,look around and see your family, look at home.

There is newness and excitement in the air- the church is coming!

Now, if you don’t know what I am talking about in the slightest, I suggest you search the word and first know what the real church looks like. Then check out the birth announcement of the church coming.

I challenge you to really search the word and pray for God’s opening of your eyes to see the church. Talk with different people,check out different authors,different speakers,different leaders, check  out the web thru classic christian authors.

If you need some suggestions, I can give you some suggestions.



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Do you see what I see!

The Lord works in mysterious ways. I have often wondered about how God works in our fleshly ways,our daily lives and our reasons for living. He has been telling us for over two thousand years.

You see God had to get our attention by reminding us of what state we were in. Like we didn’t know it? But in all reality, we don’t. I even believe that the church didn’t know what nature it was in.

This nature that we are in is the “knowledge of good and evil”. We have been “working”(this is also part of the problem) in the state of -we will never be able to be perfect or of the nature that God wants us to be in! His nature is free from this restriction. Our nature has got to be of His nature, In Him and Him in Us.

The law was created to show us that we are in a sinful nature, because we will never be able to be perfect or good!! It has not sunk in that after all these centuries that we will continue to fail, until we are filled with His indwelling Spirit, that we will be a changed being.

God’s desire is for us to realize we are a fallen people,fallen ways,fallen life style and the only way to change this state is for us to be of Him.

I pray that we acknowledge this and to seek Him and for us to search His word,for this is God. He wants us to be of Him so that His testimony will be with us!!

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Get out of the BOX!!!

I think that alot of times in our lives we are living in a very shallow box. and a even more of a box when it comes to christianity and church.
It has come to my attention that people that attend church are unaware of things outside of their building as concerning God’s people and His purpose!
Now I know that this sounds very harsh to say, but it is true. I challenge you to look, search, and investigate people and God things outside your normal activity and just see,feel,hear what the Spirit is doing.
As is all things in life, anything can be used for bad or good. The internet is one. But I challenge you to search authors,bible commentary, religious leaders,blog’s,writings of history, church history, and check it with the word,the Bible.
See if you are or have been going according to God’s eternal purpose for his people!!
I have been on such a journey, and it has been great!!

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Ephesians 3:19-and to know this love that surpasses knowledge- that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.
The fullness of God, wow, what would it look like if we were filled with the fullness of God? What would it look like? or even could we even see it?, could we feel it?,could describe it? but most importantly can we attain it?
My understanding is that we can and we will for those that are spiritually being indwelt with the Holy Spirit. Our understanding of this premise I feel is not being emphasized enough in our walk with the Lord. Our walk with him, should be a daily, weekly,monthly and yearly journey that His life is our life. We need to desire Him, so that He becomes our essence of Life. He will then become in Us, and Us into Him.

The question then needs to be asked, “how full of Christ are You, 10%,25%,50%,75%, or 100%.

Once we are filled with the fullness of Christ, The Church will be born!!!!!!

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Skipping ahead in the story?

I myself am a avid reading of books. I think I am close to 100 books in 4 years! Not that I have really gotten smartr or intelligents, but I thing I understand a lot better of what I had previous read,now makes sense to me!

One thing that I have never done in my reading of those books, is skip to the end and see how things turn out. I guess it has been my sense to just let the story work itself out. It sorta killed the middle part of a story if you read the end and then went back to the middle to see how you got to the end!

But I may be changing my tune to this theory. I think that their are alot of people out there that have read the end of the story of the bible,revelation and now know the “rest of the story” as once Paul Harvey used to say.

You see if you skip ahead to the end of the bible, the book of Revelation, it paints a picture of God’s perfect scenerio designed in eternity past. His picture is painted with the most narrowest and detailed  paint strokes of the the most perfect landscape you have every seen!

This Picture is of two figures standing together looking at each other with the most love endearing  eyes you will ever see. They will be dressed with most whitest gowns and whites robes, not even Clorox could compare too. They will be the most Holy,blameless,perfect,and without sin of any couple created in the universe.  They will be surrounded by the biggest wedding party ever witness of tens of thousands of angels singing, glory,glory to His name! Their celebration will be acclaimed to the universe that Yes, the two will become one, as God as the witness!!

Wow, That is quite a ending, wouldn’t you say!!  This is something wonderful to look forward to in our christian journey.

But, wait. The picture that I see painted now is no where close to that end picture?  We don’t have one bride, we have 65,000 brides(denominations) that are proclaiming to be the one and only bride.

We have 65,000 doctrines trying to sync with God, when God said let my bride be of one spirit.

We have millions of proclaimed “High Priests”(pastors) that have said that only thru them on sunday is the way to God. The veil of the Holy of Hollies was torn so that we all individually go to God and God could come to us.

We have christians trying to work within the framework of the “knowledge of good and evil” to try and be as perfect as they can. When Christ said you will not be able to be in me by your own strength. It will be mine, The Holy Spirit, thru a indwelling spirit!

Our painted picture now will not progress into the end of the stories picture no matter what or how we do it.

We must only eat of Christ daily, from the time of daybreak to dawn, today, tommorrow, and the next day,and the next day,etc.

This was to be the painted picture of God in the Garden of Eden, but we all know what happened in that picture, don’t we!

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In the knowledge of good and evil

Do we really understand of what and why we are the way we act?

In the beginning, God’s intention was for mankind to be indwelt with Him, and Us into Him. It was to be the ultimate fellowship of the World!! But Adam and Eve chose the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Do we really understand the premise of this concept? Do we understand that we were not designed to stay in it. Do we understand that God wants to save us from this premise of knowledge!!

There is this feeling of we have to just make do with the cards we are dealt. We have to make the best of things. We have to be the best to qualify in the concept of knowledge of good and evil. But this is not what God wants us to live in. His desire for us is to die to this knowledge of good and evil and to live in Him thru His Holy Spirit!

From my perspective  I do not see the saints in this realm yet, but I do see and hear of things that are showing me that God’s Spirit is moving into people and HIS CHURCH IS BEING BORN right before our eyes! Until we realize that everything that we are doing is not of the Church, but of ourselves trying to do good and evil! 

We have to sit down with ourselves and church’s and realize that we are doing the works in the knowledge of good and evil!! The Spirit and the Church will soon follow!! Amen and Praise the Lord!!

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Can we not tarry one hour with the lord?

One hour is really not that much time, but yet we tend to make it into such a big deal with someone for whatever reason.

The day should begin with the Lord and His melding of Himself with us every day. It is the continuation of every day, day after day, that puts us closer together. Our need to be with Him every morning will grow and grow with time until it is complete fellowship of God!

This is what God designed us for from the beginning of time, Garden of Eden. Adam desired a mate,Eve, God desired us,church. We need that bond between our desired mate, it was created deep down inside us, and it must be met.

I challenge you today to change your ways that you look at things and priorties of your day and spend some time with God and start with a hour to make it challenging. The first thing!! God’s ways are not our ways, our ways are to worry about the job,kids,spouse, money,fun,surviving. His ways are for us, for Him to be indwelt in us, and Us into Him!!That is all!

Now do the samething tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, until before you know it, it has been months and the Lord has been with you everyday talking to you,living with you,you talking to Him, and you living with God!! Just the sound of that should make you filled with joy!

Let me know if you decide to talk to the lord every day and keep me to date with your journey. Let me know if you need any help or inspiration to keep on keeping on.

God is good,God is awesome,God is wonderful, but best of all He is in our spirit!!


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My Desire

My desire for all who are searching God is to walk with God thru the ministry of Watchman Nee’s and Witness Lee’s ministry of It is Living Stream Ministries. There are many articles, books, and daily readings that are from this ministry, but the one that will bless you the most is the Life Study of the Bible with Witness Lee.

This journey thru God’s intentions of His Eternal Purpose will just come to life in before your very life.  My testimony is that I now see Christ in the Bible and His desire for us as the His Chosen people.

He has loved us when we did not start off with the desire of Life in Us, but our desire of life thru ourselves. He still had a plan to work Himself into us thru the cross and the resurrection to bring the Holy Spirit to dwell in us!

I hope that you will at least check out this amazing study of the bible in a very different way. It is called a Life study for a reason!!

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Job (part two) -the man

Its funny how when we read a passage in the bible that we try and put our own understanding of what God was trying to show us or tell us.

This seems to be what we have done in the instance of book of Job.

We have made the rise and fall of Job as a story of Man trying to live his life according to his own understanding of living for God in our daily lives that we have mistook this story for what it really means.

Job’s intention to God, was to be all he could be to God, his desire for him was his goal. But yet this was not actually what God was trying to emphasize to Job and to man.

The desire of God is not what we can do for Him, but what He can do thru us!!

A perfect example of this “picture” is the attempt of lifeguard at the beach. When someone is actually in the process of drowning their instincts are to save themselves thru the actions of splashing or arm waving or hollering for help. The life guard is trained to not try to save this person until this person is done with his hollering,arm waving and splashing. When the person is tired or has actually given up(or dead in there desire to help themselves) this is when the lifesavor actually takes hold of them and saves them!!

This is actually exactly what Jesus Christ is showing Job and US, we have got to completely quit trying to live and to die so that He(Christ) can live in Us. We would struggle and fight with God if we were still trying to save ourselves, and God trying to save us at the same time just as a lifeguard at the beach.

The lifeguard, remember is the one that is actually saving us, because He is doing all the work!! We have succumb to His power to bring us back to Life.

This is actually an awesome picture if you perceive it in God’s beautiful story.

Job, part two is now, christianity is trying to save ourselves thru our own power, not our lifeguard(Christ). Until we succumb to our own death of ourselves or power we will ever see the full mingled spirit in Us.

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Your opinion

Was the bible designed for the non-christian,christian or both?

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