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Have we really misunderstood God’s intent?

Over the last few months of listening and observing of christian ways I have noticed something disturbing of our beliefs.

It is almost like we believe that the end of the bible was when Christ’s resurrection was the finale of it all? We are to “get saved” and continue to  try be christians in a fallen world to the best of our abilities?

God’s eternal purpose is just starting from this point of the resurection of Christ! This  perception of this in the christian life has to change.  God’s sole intention before even time existed was to have God in Us and Us in Him. Remember that, before time even started!!

God’s desire was to have this community of fellowship together; God,Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit and Us. This was the fellowship that God intended from the day that He created Adam.  Our inability to understand what Life is, was a detriment to our existence.

God’s intent was Him! Why have we made it into what we do,say,act or preach! Why have we decided that it is all up to us to “save the World”?

God’s desire was for us to be of Him,Him of Us. Don’t you think that if we were filled with Him that the things of Christ would take care of themselves?

After all, isn’t it really Christ that touches us in a special way to edge us into believing who he really is. God works with us all in His special way, in His special time.  I often hear in a suttle way that if we do not go out and reach the world, who will? My reaction to this is with a resounding “God is”!

Saul while on the road to damascus was blinded by a great light, this sudden brightness could of been only 1 thing to saul, so much to him that he knew exactly who it was when he was blinded by the light, even since he was persecuting Him. Saul knew His name, even tho He asked who was it? “Who are you,Lord?”  This light was the first sign for saul to identify who this was, He then answered with His name. He knew it was the Lord!!

Our working  in our realm of being as sinful nature is not what God intended, He Desired Us, Created Us, Died for Us,Rose for Us, the least we could do is Live with Us!!!!   Amen and Amen.




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