Job (part two) -the man

Its funny how when we read a passage in the bible that we try and put our own understanding of what God was trying to show us or tell us.

This seems to be what we have done in the instance of book of Job.

We have made the rise and fall of Job as a story of Man trying to live his life according to his own understanding of living for God in our daily lives that we have mistook this story for what it really means.

Job’s intention to God, was to be all he could be to God, his desire for him was his goal. But yet this was not actually what God was trying to emphasize to Job and to man.

The desire of God is not what we can do for Him, but what He can do thru us!!

A perfect example of this “picture” is the attempt of lifeguard at the beach. When someone is actually in the process of drowning their instincts are to save themselves thru the actions of splashing or arm waving or hollering for help. The life guard is trained to not try to save this person until this person is done with his hollering,arm waving and splashing. When the person is tired or has actually given up(or dead in there desire to help themselves) this is when the lifesavor actually takes hold of them and saves them!!

This is actually exactly what Jesus Christ is showing Job and US, we have got to completely quit trying to live and to die so that He(Christ) can live in Us. We would struggle and fight with God if we were still trying to save ourselves, and God trying to save us at the same time just as a lifeguard at the beach.

The lifeguard, remember is the one that is actually saving us, because He is doing all the work!! We have succumb to His power to bring us back to Life.

This is actually an awesome picture if you perceive it in God’s beautiful story.

Job, part two is now, christianity is trying to save ourselves thru our own power, not our lifeguard(Christ). Until we succumb to our own death of ourselves or power we will ever see the full mingled spirit in Us.


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