My Desire

My desire for all who are searching God is to walk with God thru the ministry of Watchman Nee’s and Witness Lee’s ministry of It is Living Stream Ministries. There are many articles, books, and daily readings that are from this ministry, but the one that will bless you the most is the Life Study of the Bible with Witness Lee.

This journey thru God’s intentions of His Eternal Purpose will just come to life in before your very life.  My testimony is that I now see Christ in the Bible and His desire for us as the His Chosen people.

He has loved us when we did not start off with the desire of Life in Us, but our desire of life thru ourselves. He still had a plan to work Himself into us thru the cross and the resurrection to bring the Holy Spirit to dwell in us!

I hope that you will at least check out this amazing study of the bible in a very different way. It is called a Life study for a reason!!


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