Can we not tarry one hour with the lord?

One hour is really not that much time, but yet we tend to make it into such a big deal with someone for whatever reason.

The day should begin with the Lord and His melding of Himself with us every day. It is the continuation of every day, day after day, that puts us closer together. Our need to be with Him every morning will grow and grow with time until it is complete fellowship of God!

This is what God designed us for from the beginning of time, Garden of Eden. Adam desired a mate,Eve, God desired us,church. We need that bond between our desired mate, it was created deep down inside us, and it must be met.

I challenge you today to change your ways that you look at things and priorties of your day and spend some time with God and start with a hour to make it challenging. The first thing!! God’s ways are not our ways, our ways are to worry about the job,kids,spouse, money,fun,surviving. His ways are for us, for Him to be indwelt in us, and Us into Him!!That is all!

Now do the samething tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, until before you know it, it has been months and the Lord has been with you everyday talking to you,living with you,you talking to Him, and you living with God!! Just the sound of that should make you filled with joy!

Let me know if you decide to talk to the lord every day and keep me to date with your journey. Let me know if you need any help or inspiration to keep on keeping on.

God is good,God is awesome,God is wonderful, but best of all He is in our spirit!!



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