In the knowledge of good and evil

Do we really understand of what and why we are the way we act?

In the beginning, God’s intention was for mankind to be indwelt with Him, and Us into Him. It was to be the ultimate fellowship of the World!! But Adam and Eve chose the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Do we really understand the premise of this concept? Do we understand that we were not designed to stay in it. Do we understand that God wants to save us from this premise of knowledge!!

There is this feeling of we have to just make do with the cards we are dealt. We have to make the best of things. We have to be the best to qualify in the concept of knowledge of good and evil. But this is not what God wants us to live in. His desire for us is to die to this knowledge of good and evil and to live in Him thru His Holy Spirit!

From my perspective  I do not see the saints in this realm yet, but I do see and hear of things that are showing me that God’s Spirit is moving into people and HIS CHURCH IS BEING BORN right before our eyes! Until we realize that everything that we are doing is not of the Church, but of ourselves trying to do good and evil! 

We have to sit down with ourselves and church’s and realize that we are doing the works in the knowledge of good and evil!! The Spirit and the Church will soon follow!! Amen and Praise the Lord!!


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