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Skipping ahead in the story?

I myself am a avid reading of books. I think I am close to 100 books in 4 years! Not that I have really gotten smartr or intelligents, but I thing I understand a lot better of what I had previous read,now makes sense to me!

One thing that I have never done in my reading of those books, is skip to the end and see how things turn out. I guess it has been my sense to just let the story work itself out. It sorta killed the middle part of a story if you read the end and then went back to the middle to see how you got to the end!

But I may be changing my tune to this theory. I think that their are alot of people out there that have read the end of the story of the bible,revelation and now know the “rest of the story” as once Paul Harvey used to say.

You see if you skip ahead to the end of the bible, the book of Revelation, it paints a picture of God’s perfect scenerio designed in eternity past. His picture is painted with the most narrowest and detailed  paint strokes of the the most perfect landscape you have every seen!

This Picture is of two figures standing together looking at each other with the most love endearing  eyes you will ever see. They will be dressed with most whitest gowns and whites robes, not even Clorox could compare too. They will be the most Holy,blameless,perfect,and without sin of any couple created in the universe.  They will be surrounded by the biggest wedding party ever witness of tens of thousands of angels singing, glory,glory to His name! Their celebration will be acclaimed to the universe that Yes, the two will become one, as God as the witness!!

Wow, That is quite a ending, wouldn’t you say!!  This is something wonderful to look forward to in our christian journey.

But, wait. The picture that I see painted now is no where close to that end picture?  We don’t have one bride, we have 65,000 brides(denominations) that are proclaiming to be the one and only bride.

We have 65,000 doctrines trying to sync with God, when God said let my bride be of one spirit.

We have millions of proclaimed “High Priests”(pastors) that have said that only thru them on sunday is the way to God. The veil of the Holy of Hollies was torn so that we all individually go to God and God could come to us.

We have christians trying to work within the framework of the “knowledge of good and evil” to try and be as perfect as they can. When Christ said you will not be able to be in me by your own strength. It will be mine, The Holy Spirit, thru a indwelling spirit!

Our painted picture now will not progress into the end of the stories picture no matter what or how we do it.

We must only eat of Christ daily, from the time of daybreak to dawn, today, tommorrow, and the next day,and the next day,etc.

This was to be the painted picture of God in the Garden of Eden, but we all know what happened in that picture, don’t we!


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