Get out of the BOX!!!

I think that alot of times in our lives we are living in a very shallow box. and a even more of a box when it comes to christianity and church.
It has come to my attention that people that attend church are unaware of things outside of their building as concerning God’s people and His purpose!
Now I know that this sounds very harsh to say, but it is true. I challenge you to look, search, and investigate people and God things outside your normal activity and just see,feel,hear what the Spirit is doing.
As is all things in life, anything can be used for bad or good. The internet is one. But I challenge you to search authors,bible commentary, religious leaders,blog’s,writings of history, church history, and check it with the word,the Bible.
See if you are or have been going according to God’s eternal purpose for his people!!
I have been on such a journey, and it has been great!!


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