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Do you see what I see!

The Lord works in mysterious ways. I have often wondered about how God works in our fleshly ways,our daily lives and our reasons for living. He has been telling us for over two thousand years.

You see God had to get our attention by reminding us of what state we were in. Like we didn’t know it? But in all reality, we don’t. I even believe that the church didn’t know what nature it was in.

This nature that we are in is the “knowledge of good and evil”. We have been “working”(this is also part of the problem) in the state of -we will never be able to be perfect or of the nature that God wants us to be in! His nature is free from this restriction. Our nature has got to be of His nature, In Him and Him in Us.

The law was created to show us that we are in a sinful nature, because we will never be able to be perfect or good!! It has not sunk in that after all these centuries that we will continue to fail, until we are filled with His indwelling Spirit, that we will be a changed being.

God’s desire is for us to realize we are a fallen people,fallen ways,fallen life style and the only way to change this state is for us to be of Him.

I pray that we acknowledge this and to seek Him and for us to search His word,for this is God. He wants us to be of Him so that His testimony will be with us!!


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