She’s opening her eyes!

She is just now opening her eye’s looking around for the first time. She is noticing the surrounding things in the world. She is hearing the soft whispers of the voices. She is crying and hungry for growth. She has been born!

Who am I talking about you are wondering?

No, Deb did not have a little one, Heaven forbid on both our parts. (grandkids are enough)

You see, the real Church is being born as I write. Look around you! look at work,look at school,look on your daily walk,look around and see your family, look at home.

There is newness and excitement in the air- the church is coming!

Now, if you don’t know what I am talking about in the slightest, I suggest you search the word and first know what the real church looks like. Then check out the birth announcement of the church coming.

I challenge you to really search the word and pray for God’s opening of your eyes to see the church. Talk with different people,check out different authors,different speakers,different leaders, check  out the web thru classic christian authors.

If you need some suggestions, I can give you some suggestions.



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