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No more excuses

Circumstances. There funny, aren’t they!

The  most important thing about circumstances is what you do with them. God has put me in one of those circumstances that I had to decide how I was going to react to it. We sometimes have the most peculiar reactions to circumstances when the time come that we could go from one extreme to another. We also have that same reaction when it is good or bad.

I wonder if you were in my shoes in my life, what would be your first priority or even your only priority maybe. I have now been unemployed from a job now for a year, and it has been quite a journey.

You see, God is my creator,designer,father,doctor,friend,and my Savior. I have been on a journey with my God that has lifted me up from my circumstances to just keep my eyes on Him. My eyes have not wavered to continue to look into his eyes and face, to keep me on His mind is my desire. God is my total desire. I have almost forgotten on why or where I am in my circumstance.

My reaction to this circumstance could of gone in many directions, to despair, angry, to revenge. The days of my solitude have been filled with just God. My days have been filled with His presence in everything that I have associated with during the time.

If I am to be in God’s will, should I not be in His? I have given God the time,my spirit,my mind and my body. I have not only believed in Him, but I am Trusting in Him in His way and Time.

If you had the time and means to do anything you wanted, what excuses would you use to not be with God?

I have not excuses, I have God!


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Believing and Trusting

I am convinced we really don’t understand the true meanings of alot of the words we use as a daily conversation. We take for granted to simple of things we say as truth and we stand by these “truths” to be our gospel.

The reality of “us” is that we have grown accustomed to these meanings or truth’s that we have used without blinking an eye.  Our understanding of words has got to start with first with the true meaning of the words. I am sure we have changed to meaning of words at least five times since I was in school!

The second thing is and this is the most important thing, we need to understand the principle of how was the author or person trying to use the word. We have not done this in our reading the bible in our just “scripture reading”. ( I totally believe that the so-called yearly or planned reading of the bible is a misinterpretation of what we should be doing of the bible, reading the bible just to be reading the bible is just wrong!)

Our renewing of our minds to “see” the intent of the authors of the Bible ala God has got to be our main goal in reading God’s word. We have to understand that their is a difference in believing and trusting in something. One such example that is always mention is that “even Satan believes in God” , now this really is misused in so many ways. One such way is that it was God that Satan was having the issue with in the Heavenlies, His fight with the angels of the Lord is proof that he believed in God.

It is the like they were and are on first name basis. If you don’t believe in your enemy then you are fighting in thin air. It is when we need to take it to the next level that we need to make clarification.

Trusting. Satan did not trust God. One such man that did was Noah. You see it was when God came to Noah and talked to him and called him that he believed him. There was no question as to who God was or to whom God was for.

Noah’s instant understanding of God  was the “believing”. But it was Noah’s trusting that put him in a different position with God. Noah’s trusting in God to go to the “extreme” to build a abode of safety and assurance, that set him apart of everyone else.

You see it is one thing to believe that there is a ark in front of you, it is another thing to trust that ark to protect you,care for you,and give you life. Those people in the background of the ark were the unbelieving ones let alone the un-trusting ones. It was the non-trusting ones that were to be a representative of death. But it was the trusting ones that believed enough to go into the Ark, just as we should consider that Christ is Life, and not trusting in Him is death.

Is this the greatest word picture you could ever see, or what!!

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Start over

I am under full conviction of this matter.

We as “christians” should start over in our understanding of the bible. I believe that we should clear our mind and spirit of what we have been told throughout our years in the church or out of church and start over.

We have been led down a road that is wide as the sea! First, I believe most  christians just say whatever they have been told in their days of “church” without even understanding the concept or even researching the philosophy of the bible. We have just went  on and on in our lives  just restating the same ole thing over and over without knowing what a passage really means. It has been that someone in authority said it, so it must be true! (Just to remind you, You owe me some money!) Ha. That is really how it goes.  We have gone somewhere to learn something and we assume that what someone has told us is the way it is,period.

We don’t test what someone said by asking God, looking in His word, or praying about it. Because by monday we have forgotten all about it!! Why don’t we really concern ourselves with such important stuff, rather than worry about what we are we going to do next weekend for fun?

I believe we have to change our paradigm to a everyday of rest in Him. PERIOD! Today is a day of rest in Christ! Tomorrow is a day of rest in Christ! The day after tomorrow  is a day of rest in Christ.

Now, the ultimate question that I had to ask my self, and I know you want to know too is ” What does resting in Christ look like?”.

This is really what I think is the “64,000 question”( old timers know what this refers to).

The problem with the answer to this question is that it is as far from the east as the west is! because of where we are today, it makes the answer so far extreme that it seems impossible to be true.

Let’s take a clue from God’s first book of the bible, Genesis 1-2, God created a world and a home for him(God’s intention was that He would live there too,but Adam and Eve did not choose Him). He created the Garden of Eden for Adam and Eve, to be model of closeness, of community, of rest, of fellowship, of love for each other. Remember it took only 6 days(our measurement of time) of work to present to us this example of fellowship with His people,only two at this time but a perfect example of God’s model( this I believe, is the example in the bible of multiplying that should be natural). Everything was done, all of adam’s needs were met, food,beauty of God’s creation,animals for his caretaking, and a mate,eve.

It’s like someone telling you that you should come over to their house,sit down and eat,everything is on the table ready to share with you, there will be no need for you to do anything, just pick up your fork and dig in!!

This is where we have totally messed up, We have come over to your house and changed the whole menu and served different things that you would have not fixed, and then told you to sit down and eat what you  have fixed!!  Now, is that just wrong or what?!

God has given us exactly what we need, but we have butted in and changed it. My belief that we  have to let go of ourselves(die to ourselves) and Let God be our God!!

My understanding of this may be to the extreme, but  what if this was what God intended.

Let God be What He is.(I used the word be instead of do because He has already done what He wanted in the garden of eden.) We just have to live in it!!


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Have we mis-interpreted God’s intention of our week?

I believe that we have.

We have taken the picture of the beginning of time when God created the world and used this as our example of our life. We have used God’s example of Him “working for 6 days” and then resting on that 7th day as our template of life.

When in fact, God was showing us that all the “work” is done and that all we are to do is rest in Him, the one that has created everything for us to share with Him.

What if this is what God was really showing us? What would this really look like? It would hard to fathom in our human mind, but I believe that this is where we may have originally took the wrong turn of  God’s purpose in Life.

It is God’s life that we are to be apart of,His life,His word,His world,His ways are to be what we are to mingled with us.

Our interpretation of the week as God describes to us, is like, Okay God, you rest we will take it from here?! We have made God’s rest a period of time that God’s work is good but it is not finished. Boy, do we have an ego!

I pray that we can rest in Him Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,and Saturday. Now, I am assuming you are resting in God on Sunday to begin with.

Now if you take this paradigm as resting in Him after God created the World for us, and now the “work” is done,we must rest or enjoy the creator and the creation.

Oh My, That would be quite a picture if we could only grasp it in our spirit.

I pray that you will this week in your time with God,rest in Him on a thursday!

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America, God’s project

I have always struggled with the concept of “America, God’s Nation”.

First, God owns everything outright,land,water,air and universe. Second God would not divide us into countries to be a specialized people. But yet He did separate His people  with not His people.

I do believe that there might of been a small silver lining,so to speak, in that God’s work was to continue in america. But it was not according to God’s plan of us separating ourselves into so many denominations as we have. It was to be Christ the Church.period.

God’s influence in our fleshly world was and isn’t His goal for us. It was His kingdom. One kingdom. One people. One spirit.

I think because we have been the newer version of Babylon that we have made it a project for God and His purpose. With more and more reports coming from Asia and Europe that the Church is the real Church in the believing christians.  As America is known for it creating and doing great things for ourselves and others we see that it was “us” that was doing it, and Not God! We are to rest in Him,in His Kingdom. Not of ours. We created our own kingdom, and we don’t understand why it is not working right? duh!

The real Church is slowly seeping into America as we questioning our methods of our church’s and we will hear a great “Hallelujah” from His people when we see what the Church really is-The Kingdom of God.

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My chickens

Most you know by now that I venture into the chicken business. Yes, I guess I am just crazy like my wife thinks, or I just wanted to be a little rancher when I was a kid. I am in it for the eggs, by the way do you need any! I got a few!!

It’s amazing what God lesson’s you can learn by just letting them come to you by Him.

As a beginner in the chicken business, I was playing around when to actually feed the things, and how much at a time? I filled their feeder to the brim so they would make sure that they would’nt starve to death if I was gone. but then when it was empty again, it was a odd time of the day to be feeding them again.

So my plan was to just fill it up to where I thought they would just have enough for the day.

You guessed it, Now I have to get up when the chickens get up! they begin their, Hey we are hungry and thirsty routine calls and although they are really not that loud, I can always here their calls.(seems like I did this when I had kids too)

Now, I just wonder if the Lord has to go thru the same thing with us in trying to set up the just right routine for us to fed by Him?

You see, He wants us to have those same kind of hours that the chickens want. He wants us to be calling on him early in the morning when our day starts and tell him that we need to be fed by Him and with just the right amount of food to sustain us thru the day.

You see we need to want Him when we wake up, it is after all a new day in His kingdom. He is the king.  He deserves to be thought of and to be acknowledged that this day is because of Him.

We also need to understand that His portion of Him for that day is enough. It is not to much or to little.  What if He gave us to much one day and we did not start hollering at him until the middle of the day, because we had left over from the day before? What a odd time to start asking for food to sustain us again for the day. What would happen  if He only gave us enough of Himself to last just a half a day? As the Master of us, It would not be a very good example of a good servant to His flock.

God’s daily eating of Him is just enough to want to have the same amount of Him, everyday, same as the last.

Our calling on Him, just like my chickens cackling at me at 6:00 in the morning, is exactly what God wants to hear from us. He wants us to call on Him every morning to be fed by Him.

I too, want to call on Him to sustain me for the Lord’s sake.

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God told us (part 2)

and now the rest of the story.

When God was creating the world for His Glory, Let us concentrate on the phrase “for His Glory”. For His Glory is a statement that tells me that His actions, His words are to represent Him. It is an extension of Him or maybe, just maybe it could be the “fruitfulness and the multiplying of God?!” Wow!!

God’s intention of His Glory was to be a natural flowing of Him through His creations. The earth, the heavens, the fish,the birds, the animals and most importantly through man.

We have struggled with this natural process of God, almost two thousand years we have tried thru the “knowledge of good and evil” that we ourselves could multiply and be fruitful. We have not understood Jesus’s portrayal of Him being a vine and us being an extension of that vine as a branch. We are not to create another branch, but just an extension of us is all Jesus is want’s us to naturally be. If we accept the indwelling of Christ in the living water flowing thru our veins in a physical way and also of the vine way, that it will continue the vine through us not that the branches on reproduced, but the vine is being reproduced.

This transformation is re-introduced in the coming of Lord in a tiny baby, and being our savior with His dieing on the cross and resurrected Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Way that We can be of God and God can be of us again, just like the Garden of Eden was.

Our attempt of trying to reproduce ourselves through our own strength has failed. God’s natural way of Christ  living in us will and has reproduced Him, otherwise how would we still have the chance to do it now?!

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God told us- (part 1)

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord. This line is used in a very familiar song. But it is so true!

I not only see but hear God’s glory in the bible everytime that I read the bible now! Here is just a side note to the blog today, SLOW DOWN, NOT JUST IN LIFE, BUT READING GOD’S WORD. Take time to really understand His intent of the words of the bible!

In Genesis,chapter one in description of the creation of the earth, do you notice that He actually was talking to us before we were created, and also he talked to the animals that He created. Check out verse 11 when He says “let the earth sprout vegetation,plants yielding seed, and fruit trees bearing fruit in which is their seed,each according to its kind,on the earth.” In verse 22 God says”Be fruitful and multiply and fill the waters in the seas and let birds multiply on the earth” and now check out verse 28 when He says to man “Be fruitful and multilply and fill the earth and subdue it and have have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” Whoa! as Fonzi used to say!

Now let us remember something that is very important at this stage of the story. This is before Mankind’s fall!! We were not of sin or we needed not to be saved from it. We were in the Garden of Eden and God’s plan was in force with God and Us in full unity. We were in Paradise, formed by God. No worry’s, no cares, no problems! This was His Purpose for Us.

Here is now the moral of the story of the pre-fall. We are to be in God and God in Us and to fruitful and reproduce ourselves not only in a physcial way but a natural way of what we are(Us in God in God in Us),will naturally be reproduced as we are living.

In these three verses it was given that it would be so, to be a natural thing to be fruitful  and multiply. Now let us fast-forward to after the fall.

We have now been trying to  un-naturally try and be fruitful and multiply through our own strength. All through the old testament we see this process of us trying to be fruitful by our righteousness. But to no avail we continually fail including some great leaders of the old testament.

This is where our story  pauses and set’s us up for the “rest of the story”!

God show’s us and tells us what HE HAS DONE TO START FROM THE BEGINNING!



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Flip Wilson was right!!

Now, most people that read my blog’s may not even know who Flip Wilson is, which is understandable.

Flip was a up and coming comedian in the 70’s that caught everybody up in his routine’s with his great one-liners. One such line was “What you see is what you get! This line is also a great deep thought, but we will use it later. The line that I will use now has been used by Christians for Christianity.

The famous line used in his routine that sounded trite at the time is ” The Devil made me do it!!”

Now this line on the surface seems rather shallow on the surface thinking, nobody makes us do anything,right!! We are free to make our own decisions.

But let me show you where I am coming from first before you jump on me!!

In the garden of eden, there was 2 trees, one the “Tree of Life” and the other ” the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil”.  We all know that we choose the tree of the knowledge  of good and evil. Now let us think back of the last six thousand years of the bible,what has changed?  If you believe and know of Christ the son of God, then you know that since Christ died on the cross and died on that cross for us that it has changed.

Christ has now saved us from the death of what the so called life of knowing the “tree of knowledge of good and evil”. We now have the opportunity to start from scratch and choose Christ or “the tree of Life”. By us choosing Life in Christ we will also be consumed of Him, much like the opposite way of us now in this life where we are consumed with the knowledge of good and evil.

This is where I believe Flip Wilson’s great line or excuse was given to anybody that asked him why he did anything!  The Devil made him do it!!!

I believe that until we realize that we are unable to do anything for the Lord in this paradigm with Devil, we will never attain what the Lord wanted for us. He wants us, and we should want  Him.

We have come to a cross roads in God’s economy( this word is used in watchman nee and Witness Lee’s online bible study of the bible, the word could also be translated as “business” too.I highly recommend this sight for insightful reading and a great understanding of the bible thru their bible study)that we have to realize that we being fruitless in our attempt to God’s business in Satan’s realm of the “knowledge of good and evil”, we must be in the realm of “life” in Christ, that will bring the Great Church, which will then bring Christ to receive His Bride! and isn’t that what God wanted in the first place!!


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