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Flip Wilson was right!!

Now, most people that read my blog’s may not even know who Flip Wilson is, which is understandable.

Flip was a up and coming comedian in the 70’s that caught everybody up in his routine’s with his great one-liners. One such line was “What you see is what you get! This line is also a great deep thought, but we will use it later. The line that I will use now has been used by Christians for Christianity.

The famous line used in his routine that sounded trite at the time is ” The Devil made me do it!!”

Now this line on the surface seems rather shallow on the surface thinking, nobody makes us do anything,right!! We are free to make our own decisions.

But let me show you where I am coming from first before you jump on me!!

In the garden of eden, there was 2 trees, one the “Tree of Life” and the other ” the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil”.  We all know that we choose the tree of the knowledge  of good and evil. Now let us think back of the last six thousand years of the bible,what has changed?  If you believe and know of Christ the son of God, then you know that since Christ died on the cross and died on that cross for us that it has changed.

Christ has now saved us from the death of what the so called life of knowing the “tree of knowledge of good and evil”. We now have the opportunity to start from scratch and choose Christ or “the tree of Life”. By us choosing Life in Christ we will also be consumed of Him, much like the opposite way of us now in this life where we are consumed with the knowledge of good and evil.

This is where I believe Flip Wilson’s great line or excuse was given to anybody that asked him why he did anything!  The Devil made him do it!!!

I believe that until we realize that we are unable to do anything for the Lord in this paradigm with Devil, we will never attain what the Lord wanted for us. He wants us, and we should want  Him.

We have come to a cross roads in God’s economy( this word is used in watchman nee and Witness Lee’s online bible study of the bible, the word could also be translated as “business” too.I highly recommend this sight for insightful reading and a great understanding of the bible thru their bible study)that we have to realize that we being fruitless in our attempt to God’s business in Satan’s realm of the “knowledge of good and evil”, we must be in the realm of “life” in Christ, that will bring the Great Church, which will then bring Christ to receive His Bride! and isn’t that what God wanted in the first place!!



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