God told us (part 2)

and now the rest of the story.

When God was creating the world for His Glory, Let us concentrate on the phrase “for His Glory”. For His Glory is a statement that tells me that His actions, His words are to represent Him. It is an extension of Him or maybe, just maybe it could be the “fruitfulness and the multiplying of God?!” Wow!!

God’s intention of His Glory was to be a natural flowing of Him through His creations. The earth, the heavens, the fish,the birds, the animals and most importantly through man.

We have struggled with this natural process of God, almost two thousand years we have tried thru the “knowledge of good and evil” that we ourselves could multiply and be fruitful. We have not understood Jesus’s portrayal of Him being a vine and us being an extension of that vine as a branch. We are not to create another branch, but just an extension of us is all Jesus is want’s us to naturally be. If we accept the indwelling of Christ in the living water flowing thru our veins in a physical way and also of the vine way, that it will continue the vine through us not that the branches on reproduced, but the vine is being reproduced.

This transformation is re-introduced in the coming of Lord in a tiny baby, and being our savior with His dieing on the cross and resurrected Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Way that We can be of God and God can be of us again, just like the Garden of Eden was.

Our attempt of trying to reproduce ourselves through our own strength has failed. God’s natural way of Christ  living in us will and has reproduced Him, otherwise how would we still have the chance to do it now?!


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