My chickens

Most you know by now that I venture into the chicken business. Yes, I guess I am just crazy like my wife thinks, or I just wanted to be a little rancher when I was a kid. I am in it for the eggs, by the way do you need any! I got a few!!

It’s amazing what God lesson’s you can learn by just letting them come to you by Him.

As a beginner in the chicken business, I was playing around when to actually feed the things, and how much at a time? I filled their feeder to the brim so they would make sure that they would’nt starve to death if I was gone. but then when it was empty again, it was a odd time of the day to be feeding them again.

So my plan was to just fill it up to where I thought they would just have enough for the day.

You guessed it, Now I have to get up when the chickens get up! they begin their, Hey we are hungry and thirsty routine calls and although they are really not that loud, I can always here their calls.(seems like I did this when I had kids too)

Now, I just wonder if the Lord has to go thru the same thing with us in trying to set up the just right routine for us to fed by Him?

You see, He wants us to have those same kind of hours that the chickens want. He wants us to be calling on him early in the morning when our day starts and tell him that we need to be fed by Him and with just the right amount of food to sustain us thru the day.

You see we need to want Him when we wake up, it is after all a new day in His kingdom. He is the king.  He deserves to be thought of and to be acknowledged that this day is because of Him.

We also need to understand that His portion of Him for that day is enough. It is not to much or to little.  What if He gave us to much one day and we did not start hollering at him until the middle of the day, because we had left over from the day before? What a odd time to start asking for food to sustain us again for the day. What would happen  if He only gave us enough of Himself to last just a half a day? As the Master of us, It would not be a very good example of a good servant to His flock.

God’s daily eating of Him is just enough to want to have the same amount of Him, everyday, same as the last.

Our calling on Him, just like my chickens cackling at me at 6:00 in the morning, is exactly what God wants to hear from us. He wants us to call on Him every morning to be fed by Him.

I too, want to call on Him to sustain me for the Lord’s sake.


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