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America, God’s project

I have always struggled with the concept of “America, God’s Nation”.

First, God owns everything outright,land,water,air and universe. Second God would not divide us into countries to be a specialized people. But yet He did separate His people  with not His people.

I do believe that there might of been a small silver lining,so to speak, in that God’s work was to continue in america. But it was not according to God’s plan of us separating ourselves into so many denominations as we have. It was to be Christ the Church.period.

God’s influence in our fleshly world was and isn’t His goal for us. It was His kingdom. One kingdom. One people. One spirit.

I think because we have been the newer version of Babylon that we have made it a project for God and His purpose. With more and more reports coming from Asia and Europe that the Church is the real Church in the believing christians.  As America is known for it creating and doing great things for ourselves and others we see that it was “us” that was doing it, and Not God! We are to rest in Him,in His Kingdom. Not of ours. We created our own kingdom, and we don’t understand why it is not working right? duh!

The real Church is slowly seeping into America as we questioning our methods of our church’s and we will hear a great “Hallelujah” from His people when we see what the Church really is-The Kingdom of God.


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