Have we mis-interpreted God’s intention of our week?

I believe that we have.

We have taken the picture of the beginning of time when God created the world and used this as our example of our life. We have used God’s example of Him “working for 6 days” and then resting on that 7th day as our template of life.

When in fact, God was showing us that all the “work” is done and that all we are to do is rest in Him, the one that has created everything for us to share with Him.

What if this is what God was really showing us? What would this really look like? It would hard to fathom in our human mind, but I believe that this is where we may have originally took the wrong turn of  God’s purpose in Life.

It is God’s life that we are to be apart of,His life,His word,His world,His ways are to be what we are to mingled with us.

Our interpretation of the week as God describes to us, is like, Okay God, you rest we will take it from here?! We have made God’s rest a period of time that God’s work is good but it is not finished. Boy, do we have an ego!

I pray that we can rest in Him Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,and Saturday. Now, I am assuming you are resting in God on Sunday to begin with.

Now if you take this paradigm as resting in Him after God created the World for us, and now the “work” is done,we must rest or enjoy the creator and the creation.

Oh My, That would be quite a picture if we could only grasp it in our spirit.

I pray that you will this week in your time with God,rest in Him on a thursday!


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