Start over

I am under full conviction of this matter.

We as “christians” should start over in our understanding of the bible. I believe that we should clear our mind and spirit of what we have been told throughout our years in the church or out of church and start over.

We have been led down a road that is wide as the sea! First, I believe most  christians just say whatever they have been told in their days of “church” without even understanding the concept or even researching the philosophy of the bible. We have just went  on and on in our lives  just restating the same ole thing over and over without knowing what a passage really means. It has been that someone in authority said it, so it must be true! (Just to remind you, You owe me some money!) Ha. That is really how it goes.  We have gone somewhere to learn something and we assume that what someone has told us is the way it is,period.

We don’t test what someone said by asking God, looking in His word, or praying about it. Because by monday we have forgotten all about it!! Why don’t we really concern ourselves with such important stuff, rather than worry about what we are we going to do next weekend for fun?

I believe we have to change our paradigm to a everyday of rest in Him. PERIOD! Today is a day of rest in Christ! Tomorrow is a day of rest in Christ! The day after tomorrow  is a day of rest in Christ.

Now, the ultimate question that I had to ask my self, and I know you want to know too is ” What does resting in Christ look like?”.

This is really what I think is the “64,000 question”( old timers know what this refers to).

The problem with the answer to this question is that it is as far from the east as the west is! because of where we are today, it makes the answer so far extreme that it seems impossible to be true.

Let’s take a clue from God’s first book of the bible, Genesis 1-2, God created a world and a home for him(God’s intention was that He would live there too,but Adam and Eve did not choose Him). He created the Garden of Eden for Adam and Eve, to be model of closeness, of community, of rest, of fellowship, of love for each other. Remember it took only 6 days(our measurement of time) of work to present to us this example of fellowship with His people,only two at this time but a perfect example of God’s model( this I believe, is the example in the bible of multiplying that should be natural). Everything was done, all of adam’s needs were met, food,beauty of God’s creation,animals for his caretaking, and a mate,eve.

It’s like someone telling you that you should come over to their house,sit down and eat,everything is on the table ready to share with you, there will be no need for you to do anything, just pick up your fork and dig in!!

This is where we have totally messed up, We have come over to your house and changed the whole menu and served different things that you would have not fixed, and then told you to sit down and eat what you  have fixed!!  Now, is that just wrong or what?!

God has given us exactly what we need, but we have butted in and changed it. My belief that we  have to let go of ourselves(die to ourselves) and Let God be our God!!

My understanding of this may be to the extreme, but  what if this was what God intended.

Let God be What He is.(I used the word be instead of do because He has already done what He wanted in the garden of eden.) We just have to live in it!!



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