Believing and Trusting

I am convinced we really don’t understand the true meanings of alot of the words we use as a daily conversation. We take for granted to simple of things we say as truth and we stand by these “truths” to be our gospel.

The reality of “us” is that we have grown accustomed to these meanings or truth’s that we have used without blinking an eye.  Our understanding of words has got to start with first with the true meaning of the words. I am sure we have changed to meaning of words at least five times since I was in school!

The second thing is and this is the most important thing, we need to understand the principle of how was the author or person trying to use the word. We have not done this in our reading the bible in our just “scripture reading”. ( I totally believe that the so-called yearly or planned reading of the bible is a misinterpretation of what we should be doing of the bible, reading the bible just to be reading the bible is just wrong!)

Our renewing of our minds to “see” the intent of the authors of the Bible ala God has got to be our main goal in reading God’s word. We have to understand that their is a difference in believing and trusting in something. One such example that is always mention is that “even Satan believes in God” , now this really is misused in so many ways. One such way is that it was God that Satan was having the issue with in the Heavenlies, His fight with the angels of the Lord is proof that he believed in God.

It is the like they were and are on first name basis. If you don’t believe in your enemy then you are fighting in thin air. It is when we need to take it to the next level that we need to make clarification.

Trusting. Satan did not trust God. One such man that did was Noah. You see it was when God came to Noah and talked to him and called him that he believed him. There was no question as to who God was or to whom God was for.

Noah’s instant understanding of God  was the “believing”. But it was Noah’s trusting that put him in a different position with God. Noah’s trusting in God to go to the “extreme” to build a abode of safety and assurance, that set him apart of everyone else.

You see it is one thing to believe that there is a ark in front of you, it is another thing to trust that ark to protect you,care for you,and give you life. Those people in the background of the ark were the unbelieving ones let alone the un-trusting ones. It was the non-trusting ones that were to be a representative of death. But it was the trusting ones that believed enough to go into the Ark, just as we should consider that Christ is Life, and not trusting in Him is death.

Is this the greatest word picture you could ever see, or what!!


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