No more excuses

Circumstances. There funny, aren’t they!

The  most important thing about circumstances is what you do with them. God has put me in one of those circumstances that I had to decide how I was going to react to it. We sometimes have the most peculiar reactions to circumstances when the time come that we could go from one extreme to another. We also have that same reaction when it is good or bad.

I wonder if you were in my shoes in my life, what would be your first priority or even your only priority maybe. I have now been unemployed from a job now for a year, and it has been quite a journey.

You see, God is my creator,designer,father,doctor,friend,and my Savior. I have been on a journey with my God that has lifted me up from my circumstances to just keep my eyes on Him. My eyes have not wavered to continue to look into his eyes and face, to keep me on His mind is my desire. God is my total desire. I have almost forgotten on why or where I am in my circumstance.

My reaction to this circumstance could of gone in many directions, to despair, angry, to revenge. The days of my solitude have been filled with just God. My days have been filled with His presence in everything that I have associated with during the time.

If I am to be in God’s will, should I not be in His? I have given God the time,my spirit,my mind and my body. I have not only believed in Him, but I am Trusting in Him in His way and Time.

If you had the time and means to do anything you wanted, what excuses would you use to not be with God?

I have not excuses, I have God!


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