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Thought provoking!

A small peach pit beginning to show signs of becoming a peach is overheard talking to his father the peach tree “Dad, I want to be just like you when I grow up! The father says “son to be just like me you must die to yourself”.(all seeds are dead in life until planted and cultured,it’s a God thing) Yes, Son you must die so that you may live as a seed to become a Peach Tree!

This is our reality check today as far as God’s people are concerned. We have for to long thought that we were to produce fruit on our tree. But God’s intention was for us to be the tree itself, The peach tree will produce peaches naturally without help. This is God’s desire for Him to be in us and us in Him to naturally produce himself as a peach tree. Thank you,God!!


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Learn from History?

The more things change, the more they stay the same way!


It is ironic that we use this proverbial saying on a daily basis, but yet we do not use it with the philosophy of religion or church. Let me expound on this and explain. But please remember that you may not like it.


Life is continuous and our concept of living has been nonchalant and indescribable. We are easily content in our lives, we do not like change, we live like today will be the same as yesterday.


This reality of the same old life routines has been passed down from generation to generation without any questions being asked. We are a people that either have been told something and believed it and practiced it or we just have been feed an idea that has just stuck with us and we have not questioned it.


This is where we have needed to question where the beginning is and what it is! Now, right here we need to set up some parameters. One, this paradigm, I believe that this is very particular to the United States,or even to the western world of influence.

This concentration of influence was by the ideology of religious freedom coming from England and the surrounding area. The waves of people leaving the countries of persecution were then very open to the minds of new ideas and new concepts of the new world.


This began as soon as they settled in the new land. Religious leaders were soon recognized and were used as inspirational motivators to “keeping the faith” in the harsh and wild wilderness. These leaders were pioneers in the foundation of the “new world” as the new religious norm.


As the new world expanded and as the religious world went with it, it needed some structure and direction. This is when the pillars of the religious world became know as the institutional church’s and their standards of pillars of belief .


Some of these leaders were D. L. Moody,Charles Finney,George Whitefield,John Wesley,R. A. Torrey,Billy Graham,and Gideons.


These men are now the ones that we have followed in their ideological philosophies of “religion” for almost 300 years. In fact we have expanded and made it even more diverse than God could even imagine, so much in fact that we now have over 35,000 different denominations in the U.S..


I am not pointing fingers at these men but ourselves!! You see, we left it to them to interpret the message of the bible for us and they ran with it. They had the advantage in that they were the primary owners of bibles. It was taken for granted that these men had said they had read it and are now giving us the cliff notes of it, in their sermons, but it took the understanding away from us to search the scriptures ourselves. We have for centuries been lazy,non caring because all we had to do was go to church on sunday to read the bible from the pastor. The statistics of recent surveys have really pointed this out about the so called christian and their behaviors with reading the bible.


The one and prominent message was “you must repent and be saved therefore you will go to Heaven, or you will go to Hell”. These traveling men and evangelists of the bible were very effective in their ministries so that their was organization to form a “church” to further the “message”..


The downside to this is that we took this for granted without checking for truth! Our lack of desire to test for the truth has led us astray. We have all been guilty of not understanding God’s internal purpose of the bible for us.


It was not just the concept of us being saved from our destruction from the “knowledge of good and evil” but God’s desire was to have the same scene from Genesis 3, but His people(adam and eve)and now us to commune with Him and them to him. This was God’s desire from the time God created the World.


Let your imagination just fly and put yourselves in this picture of us saying that we had chose the “Tree of Life”, and try to visualize what this would really be in God’s eyes!!


Just to let you in on a secret the answer is in Revelation 21:1-8!


See if you can see the message of the whole bible as one intent of God.

Take a snapshot with your spiritual camera and see what it takes a picture of!


Could it be that all God wanted from us was and is to be with us?! Awesome!!!


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What is redemption?

I found this statement about redemption, do you agree or disagree? Let me know. 

If we view the redemption of Christ from the angle of God’s purpose, our concept of redemption will be broadened. Most Christians view Christ’s redemption only from the perspective of their personal salvation. They are not concerned with the fulfillment of God’s purpose, but are concerned only with being saved from hell and assured of spending eternity in heaven. Their concept of Christ’s death on the cross is extremely narrow. It is crucial for us to see that God’s eternal purpose is to dispense Himself into man and to become one with man in order to express Himself through man. But Satan has sought to frustrate the fulfillment of God’s purpose by damaging humanity through dividing it into different peoples who war against one another. Christ came to redeem fallen mankind in order that God’s purpose may be fulfilled, not merely that we may be saved from hell and assured of heaven. In order to redeem divided mankind, Christ died on the cross to deal with all the negative things, including ordinances. On the cross Christ abolished all the regulations regarding living and worship, regulations that have divided the nations. God does not care for any ordinances. He cares only that we are one and that Christ is wrought into us. Christ abolished all the ordinances not that we may go to heaven or that we may be spiritual or victorious. He abolished the ordinances in order to create in Himself one new corporate man. He created the new man not only within Himself as the sphere, but also with Himself as the very element. By abolishing the ordinances and creating the Jewish and Gentile believers into one new man, Christ has made peace. Now those of different nationalities have peace in Christ.

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I wonder if we really know what Faith is?

Do we understand how complete faith is?

Do we act on something and call it faith?

My view on Faith in God has changed these last few months, it  has changed from what I have perceived of Doug acting on something and believing that it was God’s action that led me to that action that I did, to be my faith in God.

In this rationale, Where was God in all this?

I do not believe He was included in my thoughts or action. My thoughts were to make me believe that it was of God if I was to believe that it would be “good” for this reason or for this reason.

Do we get in the way of God’s indwelling of our spirit? I believe we do in more times than not. The saddest part of it all is that we give God the Glory when He was not even in it!  The Bible speaks of this in many places.

I fear the biggest problem that we have is that we fail to just search him for just Him. We have to understand that if God has been  wanting us to be His people, His Church, or His Bride. Why do we try and be or do something else? He just wants us.

My trials over the last year has led me to believe that we will never have faith in Him, until We are dead in ourselves! We will always try and depend on ourselves for something until we do. God created us, He knows us, why should we not have faith in Him.

I pray that you can die to yourself, and have faith in Christ!

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What are you doing?

I am amazed at the non-chalet attitude that we so-called christians have taken in their daily lives.

It is like Christ is not apart of their lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is like they are a part of the World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Their Life is not of Christ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do we think that we can just go on with our normal life and think that we are of Christ? Christ says that we are to be a distinct people, God’s people,God’s Bride,God’s Church!!

People, we are not to be building ourselves up in ourselves, I see this on a daily basis of people I know and visit with that it is all about the job,the education, the house, the stature or the fame! are you kidding me!!

This is really starting to upset me that we have not understood what God’s Eternal Purpose is!! It was for God to have fellowship with us and for us to have fellowship with God. Period. let me say that again. Period.

The facts are really starting to come out about the paradigm that we are in and have been in. This paradigm has been that We are to be saved in the local church and  we then get active in whatever ministry we choose to be in and then try to recruit new converts to the church and make the largest church in the state.

This paradigm has failed, and failed miserable!!

There must be a different way, maybe God’s way. ah,ha!!

God’s plan was just for us to recognize that He and He alone is Life!! We can  have this life by choosing Him, just as Adam and Eve could of in the very beginning! I honestly believe that in this time of eternity that everyone has had the chance to hear Him. We have all come upon the chance to believe in Him or not. God has come to us, He has given us and shown us that He is life, He had life, He died for us, and His life continued in the resurrection in the eternal life!

I plead with everyone to look in the mirror and look deep inside your being and see what your purpose in Christ is! Christ did not intend for us to just go on with our lives as usual after we have believed in Him and having faith in Him to just go on with the usual.

Please start praying, and reading God’s word every morning to have him be the indwelling Christ in your life today. only today. because tomorrow you will do the same thing again. and the day after tomorrow. do you see the pattern here? We need to depend on Him, every Day!! Amen and Praise the Lord!!



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There is a new calendar!

That’s right! Everyday is a Day of Rest! in the Lord!!
Think about it! God created the world in 6 days, rested. He was done. He wasn’t going to get up on monday morning and start again,was He?
We are to rest in Him, cause He’s work was done for Us.
We have been using the wrong calendar all this time!! Boy are we dumb!!

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