I wonder if we really know what Faith is?

Do we understand how complete faith is?

Do we act on something and call it faith?

My view on Faith in God has changed these last few months, it  has changed from what I have perceived of Doug acting on something and believing that it was God’s action that led me to that action that I did, to be my faith in God.

In this rationale, Where was God in all this?

I do not believe He was included in my thoughts or action. My thoughts were to make me believe that it was of God if I was to believe that it would be “good” for this reason or for this reason.

Do we get in the way of God’s indwelling of our spirit? I believe we do in more times than not. The saddest part of it all is that we give God the Glory when He was not even in it!  The Bible speaks of this in many places.

I fear the biggest problem that we have is that we fail to just search him for just Him. We have to understand that if God has been  wanting us to be His people, His Church, or His Bride. Why do we try and be or do something else? He just wants us.

My trials over the last year has led me to believe that we will never have faith in Him, until We are dead in ourselves! We will always try and depend on ourselves for something until we do. God created us, He knows us, why should we not have faith in Him.

I pray that you can die to yourself, and have faith in Christ!


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