What is redemption?

I found this statement about redemption, do you agree or disagree? Let me know. 

If we view the redemption of Christ from the angle of God’s purpose, our concept of redemption will be broadened. Most Christians view Christ’s redemption only from the perspective of their personal salvation. They are not concerned with the fulfillment of God’s purpose, but are concerned only with being saved from hell and assured of spending eternity in heaven. Their concept of Christ’s death on the cross is extremely narrow. It is crucial for us to see that God’s eternal purpose is to dispense Himself into man and to become one with man in order to express Himself through man. But Satan has sought to frustrate the fulfillment of God’s purpose by damaging humanity through dividing it into different peoples who war against one another. Christ came to redeem fallen mankind in order that God’s purpose may be fulfilled, not merely that we may be saved from hell and assured of heaven. In order to redeem divided mankind, Christ died on the cross to deal with all the negative things, including ordinances. On the cross Christ abolished all the regulations regarding living and worship, regulations that have divided the nations. God does not care for any ordinances. He cares only that we are one and that Christ is wrought into us. Christ abolished all the ordinances not that we may go to heaven or that we may be spiritual or victorious. He abolished the ordinances in order to create in Himself one new corporate man. He created the new man not only within Himself as the sphere, but also with Himself as the very element. By abolishing the ordinances and creating the Jewish and Gentile believers into one new man, Christ has made peace. Now those of different nationalities have peace in Christ.


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