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the messenger or the message

After an lull in my blogging I have come back to so many thoughts and questions to tackle. One of them is the the messenger and the message!

I would like to offer this question to you, when you are requested by a friend to answer a question are you more interested in the question’s answer or the friends  reaction or your compliance to the answer as he is?

This situation, I feel has happened for awhile now in our biblical studies of the bible. I believe that in the new testament we succumb to a author’s view or speech or actions as to what our belief or instructions are to be.

The best example of this is the leading of paul in the new testament epistles. We are listening to paul and his instructions to individuals and to church’s as it was a “how to” book or manual of “Christianity”. We are not to “do this” or “do it this way” in our existence to become “like” Christ.

We are looking at the outcome of instructions or results of an action that we can control or not control. We are looking at the “law” of things,just as the children of Israel were always doing to keep in touch with God. But this has ended with the “New Covenant”, Christ’s coming to us in our form,dying on the cross, resurrected from the grave, and now living in His Spirit in us has changed things as to the message.

The messenger was saying something all thru the bible that we have missed!

The messenger said there is a God that wants to abide in you and you in Him and He is going to make it so. God’s spirit has now come which is a “processed Spirit” one that has gone thru an all inclusive process that includes the birth,sacrifice,death,resurrection, and life in the Spirit of Life. He is Life. This Life is now in Us! We are now in Him!

God’s life makes us different,and New! This is all because of the fall  that happened in the Garden of Eden. God has given us a second chance!!!!!( this statement will be another subject for a blog,stay tuned)

We have to look past all the history,people,stories,parables and verses and look at the message! The Message is He(Jesus Christ) wants to abide(make His home) in Us!! This will be the New Jerusalem or the True Church!!

I pray that we can pray,search,read,listen to God’s voice to hear the “real message” of the bible!


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