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Have we taken for granted what the bible says?

My instinct right off the bat is to say yes. 

Let me tell you why. It has to do with religion! Yes, religion! Do you realize that we are apart of the problem. We have created our religions and then we have sheltered ourselves in them. We have just lived our daily lives with our practices,traditions,ordinances,laws,doctrines, and worship not realizing of what we have created.

Now, I will tell you up front, that I am not sure how the Lord is going to have this changed, but I do know that He will, the Bible tells me so. But let me tell you about the way God changed my way of believing in God and His purpose.

I do think that God will work within the different religions of the world to change. Let me explain the way I believe that He will work here in the U.S.. 

I believe that the Protestant movement was or is not any different than the Catholicism world. We just put a different spin on it,that is all. After all, Protestantism is a offshoot of Catholicism. 

Our understanding of Jesus ministry on earth was for a specific purpose, besides Christ’s dieing on the Cross, I believe that it was the end message to the Jews at the time, that their religion(Judaism) was not what God wanted. Judaism and all other religions are about rules,regulations,commandments,laws,traditions,doctrines,and institutions! They are things, not Christ!

Christ was Life, Laws were death! Religion is death, Christ is life!! Until we re-read the Bible with Jesus eyes we will never see the Gospel. The Gospel is Christ. period.


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