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Are we a vine?

If we consider deeply the matter of the Lord’s likening Himself to a vine, we shall realize that of all the plants, flowers, grasses, and trees, the vine is the best plant to show the propagation and multiplication of life. A vine is not noted for its blossoms or its materials; it is noted for its manifestation of the riches of life. Once a vine is full of ripened fruit, you can easily discern the riches of life. So the vine produces life. The Lord is not life for people to appreciate as blossoms; neither is He life to be used as some kind of material. Rather, the Lord is life to bring forth life and to produce life.

The previous comment is borrowed from man with great insight into the word of God.

The vine example of the bible is actually the one that is in Genesis as the Tree of Life. Most scholars considered the tree in the garden to be that of a Vine Tree. This Vine tree was not of the normal perception of our eyes. You see we are in the stance that It was covered with fruit of some kind, I am not sure of this tho. If there was why was the other tree more desirable with its fruit?

It is with this I offer up an scenario of this moment in the garden. What if in front of Adam and Eve were these trees one with fruit and one without. Now I don’t know for sure but I am thinking our first instincts of our new life is hunger, and this tree with this fruit  on it is food. I think we pick this one! This is our natural or fleshly desires to succumb to our needs. But what if God’s desire on that day was different than to meet not only our fleshly desires but our spiritual desires.

It was not of a temporal desire met but an everlasting desire to live eternally,in Him.

This Tree was an Vine Tree, It was a tree that in reality could go on forever and ever, but also could go on forever and ever in an eternal way. It was only the continuous and forever branches from this  vine tree that made it go on forever and ever. It was life itself,never ending.

If we look at that tree with those fruit or apples, we did or we will find out that there are only so many apples on the tree, and when they are gone, they are gone. No life there is there.

Life is considered as eating and drinking of substance on a daily basis to sustain our life. (some better than others in this area,we know who you are too)

This is where we need to recognize that Life is not what we think it is on the surface, but underneath the tree. The life is in the tree, not outside the tree.

I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. John 15:5

I would like to mention something here that you might have picked up on in this verse.

Fruit.      Our understanding of this word may be skewed. What if we looked at this word and considered it not as a fruit as an reward or something produced but an example of life.

We, as branches have to have the “life” of Him in us to continually  sustain us(branches) to live. This is the LIFE that God is looking for in His Kingdom. Branches that are running with His Life thru our branches will be that New Jerusalem that Revelation 21 is is talking about.



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Aha moment

Do you every have one of those moments where God speaks to you and you go aha!

I just had one!!

God shows us and tries to get us to catch on to the things he says and does in the bible, but we just read over them or just don’t understand them. (which means we need to slow down and read the real meaning of it)

God throughout the bible makes a very simple but amazing point on something in His ways. Do you notice that when God wants to have a point of emphasis or a change of a person or entity He changes their name.

Now this simple little thing is not the run of the mill go down to the courthouse and fill out some papers and have your name changed on a whim. No, this was a learning tool. You see God’s intention was to show God’s creation that they were to be a new creation and with a new Name!!!!! Over and Over God was showing them that they were to be a new creation with a new name, I have found over 18 times in the old and new testament that He changed their names. WoW

But wait, that is not my AHA moment?! I truly believe that the bible is very symbolic in it’s entirety!!(lots will disagree) Here is some background on the Aha. The CHURCH is also known as  the BRIDE.

Now let’s look at what our interpretation  of the marriage ceremony is and says. The bridegroom will take the bride and the two shall become one. Her name is changed as in the american way to the bridegroom’s name, For the two shall become one,The Father.

Do we really understand this?  This is just amazing!! God’s design for us is that our name be changed to His and become a new creation! WOW!!!! Let the name changing begin in all of us!!!!

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The Picture

Did you come across one of those weird pictures at the store where you have to stare at it to find the hidden picture in it? I have a few times and could never see what was in the deeper foundation of the picture, I could stare at that picture for hours and still not see what was hidden in it. It was so frustrating that someone else could see it and I couldn’t.

I actually have something similar at my house that could be as frustrating for someone. I have a what looks like gibberish symbols on a piece of a  board with what looks like some  lines with sticks going out from it coming from the left,some from the right. It doesn’t look like it would be anything or say anything at all.

I think the point of this sign and those pictures you see at the store that are just jibberish, is that until someone tells you what to look for in the picture or the plaque like mine, you will never see it. It is like a light bulb when someone tells you what you are looking at, it is as someone did turn on the light in front of you.

You see it as plain as your nose, you can’t help see it every time you walk by it now!. wow, how could I not see it before. duhhhh.

My little sign with all the little crooked lines says”Jesus”. WoW!

Until I knew what I was looking for, I was just lost.

This brings me to my point of how we have looked at things in not just our lives but God’s Church. Their is another picture behind the first picture, there is another meaning behind the word that we read everyday.

We as christians have bought into the same thing that the children of Israel did some 4,000 yrs ago. We have re-created the temple according to the instructions of God to the Israelites almost to the T, including things in our buildings now in our churches, and that I might add more than what was in the physical temple of the Jews.

We not only have recreated the structure of the temple but we have built an impossible re-creation of Life of the temple!  God designed the temple in such a way that this was just a temporary picture of Himself. It was for the children of Israel that were to have this picture in front of them in daily life, and stare at it and see that it was just all about the High Priest. If we were the High Priest we would be filled,touched,mingled and Christlike.

This picture was and is still being put in front of us, but yet we just don’t see it until we know what we are looking at. I pray that you can now know what you are looking at when you see the picture of the temple.

My pray is that the people of God can all see the picture behind the picture of what God wants us to see!!

P.S. Just a mention here that this is the REAL CHURCH that Christ is talking about in the bible. We as High Priest’s are considered the “CHURCH”.

Thank you,God for your insight into your eternal ways and Life!


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I Believe…………..

It sounds like such a simple beginning of a sentence, but it has such a most powerful statement behind it.

You see we use this small statement in such a loose way with alot of things. I believe I will go to bed,I believe in ghosts, I believe in yesteryear, I believe in miracle’s, I believe you are crazy, I believe it is to small, I believe that it won’t work and so on. But we use this as a matter of fact way of saying to ourselves or others that I believe in whatever.

Believe is a very strong word. It is as tho it is fact. No wait, it is fact. You see once we have said this statement we should not have to say it again on the believe of whatever it is. It is a statement of proof,understanding,concreteness,proof in the pudding.

It is because of this that we can rest in it,we have the faith in it.

So with this being said, Let me tell you what I believe………

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.        John 3:16


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You had to be there!

The more that I have studied and looked back at what the Old Testament and the New Testament really meant, I believe that we have to put ourselves  back to the past.

This may go against the thoughts and verses in the bible that point us to “God is the same yesterday,today,and tomorrow” but I believe until we understand the “yesterday”, we will never understand the now and tomorrow.

God’s intention from the time He created the Garden of Eden was to have His people to have Life in Him. His desire was to protect his people until they were brought back to him with the understanding of Life in Him.

Mankind was now struggling with Darkness and Light since the fall. God’s children had sinned, but yet God was still working with them, trying to allow them to come to him in due time. He had to act like a shepherd and keep them in a pen to keep them safe and secure as His people. This picture of His people in a pen is a great allegoric moment in the bible that is missed by many people.

God’s people are the Children of Israel. They were created by God to be indwelt with Him. There stubborness in  “knowing” Him that he was their God and they were His people that He wanted to continue to work on them.

He cared for them insomuch that He wanted to protect them until it was time to show them “Himself”. But it is in this holding pen, that they created this religion;judaism, that even made it difficult for them to see God.

I find it ironic that judaism of the jews which was so wrapped up in the laws and precise understanding of God, that they did not understand the Garden of Eden!

But wait a minute, neither do we now, come to think of it.   We do not understand what God was saying to us in the Trees of the Garden. Let me interject here something that may or may not see, there is alot of symbolism and allegory in the bible, if not all of it. After all Jesus always taught in parables. The trees in the garden were allegoric in symbolism in that Christ is the Tree of LIfe and Satan was the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil.

If you go back to the story of the old testament, you realized that it is God’s attempt to keep his people from straying away from him. The pen for sheep is a predefined boundary for sheep to adhere to, they were incapable of escaping this boundary that their shepherd built for them. Now,what they did in it was there doing, and they did create a mess!

I am under the understanding that God’s words are not only His words, but they are HIM!! I see this as the biggest problem right now in His Church, we have misunderstood his words as instructions as to “how to be Him” when in fact if we were to be filled with Him, we would be Him.

Now, understand that God in us is a amazing thing, it is the desire of God to have his people to filled with Him.  His creation is to be one with Him. Until we understand what He was saying to His people(jews) we will not understand what is now and in the future.


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