You had to be there!

The more that I have studied and looked back at what the Old Testament and the New Testament really meant, I believe that we have to put ourselves  back to the past.

This may go against the thoughts and verses in the bible that point us to “God is the same yesterday,today,and tomorrow” but I believe until we understand the “yesterday”, we will never understand the now and tomorrow.

God’s intention from the time He created the Garden of Eden was to have His people to have Life in Him. His desire was to protect his people until they were brought back to him with the understanding of Life in Him.

Mankind was now struggling with Darkness and Light since the fall. God’s children had sinned, but yet God was still working with them, trying to allow them to come to him in due time. He had to act like a shepherd and keep them in a pen to keep them safe and secure as His people. This picture of His people in a pen is a great allegoric moment in the bible that is missed by many people.

God’s people are the Children of Israel. They were created by God to be indwelt with Him. There stubborness in  “knowing” Him that he was their God and they were His people that He wanted to continue to work on them.

He cared for them insomuch that He wanted to protect them until it was time to show them “Himself”. But it is in this holding pen, that they created this religion;judaism, that even made it difficult for them to see God.

I find it ironic that judaism of the jews which was so wrapped up in the laws and precise understanding of God, that they did not understand the Garden of Eden!

But wait a minute, neither do we now, come to think of it.   We do not understand what God was saying to us in the Trees of the Garden. Let me interject here something that may or may not see, there is alot of symbolism and allegory in the bible, if not all of it. After all Jesus always taught in parables. The trees in the garden were allegoric in symbolism in that Christ is the Tree of LIfe and Satan was the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil.

If you go back to the story of the old testament, you realized that it is God’s attempt to keep his people from straying away from him. The pen for sheep is a predefined boundary for sheep to adhere to, they were incapable of escaping this boundary that their shepherd built for them. Now,what they did in it was there doing, and they did create a mess!

I am under the understanding that God’s words are not only His words, but they are HIM!! I see this as the biggest problem right now in His Church, we have misunderstood his words as instructions as to “how to be Him” when in fact if we were to be filled with Him, we would be Him.

Now, understand that God in us is a amazing thing, it is the desire of God to have his people to filled with Him.  His creation is to be one with Him. Until we understand what He was saying to His people(jews) we will not understand what is now and in the future.



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