Aha moment

Do you every have one of those moments where God speaks to you and you go aha!

I just had one!!

God shows us and tries to get us to catch on to the things he says and does in the bible, but we just read over them or just don’t understand them. (which means we need to slow down and read the real meaning of it)

God throughout the bible makes a very simple but amazing point on something in His ways. Do you notice that when God wants to have a point of emphasis or a change of a person or entity He changes their name.

Now this simple little thing is not the run of the mill go down to the courthouse and fill out some papers and have your name changed on a whim. No, this was a learning tool. You see God’s intention was to show God’s creation that they were to be a new creation and with a new Name!!!!! Over and Over God was showing them that they were to be a new creation with a new name, I have found over 18 times in the old and new testament that He changed their names. WoW

But wait, that is not my AHA moment?! I truly believe that the bible is very symbolic in it’s entirety!!(lots will disagree) Here is some background on the Aha. The CHURCH is also known as  the BRIDE.

Now let’s look at what our interpretation  of the marriage ceremony is and says. The bridegroom will take the bride and the two shall become one. Her name is changed as in the american way to the bridegroom’s name, For the two shall become one,The Father.

Do we really understand this?  This is just amazing!! God’s design for us is that our name be changed to His and become a new creation! WOW!!!! Let the name changing begin in all of us!!!!


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