The Picture

Did you come across one of those weird pictures at the store where you have to stare at it to find the hidden picture in it? I have a few times and could never see what was in the deeper foundation of the picture, I could stare at that picture for hours and still not see what was hidden in it. It was so frustrating that someone else could see it and I couldn’t.

I actually have something similar at my house that could be as frustrating for someone. I have a what looks like gibberish symbols on a piece of a  board with what looks like some  lines with sticks going out from it coming from the left,some from the right. It doesn’t look like it would be anything or say anything at all.

I think the point of this sign and those pictures you see at the store that are just jibberish, is that until someone tells you what to look for in the picture or the plaque like mine, you will never see it. It is like a light bulb when someone tells you what you are looking at, it is as someone did turn on the light in front of you.

You see it as plain as your nose, you can’t help see it every time you walk by it now!. wow, how could I not see it before. duhhhh.

My little sign with all the little crooked lines says”Jesus”. WoW!

Until I knew what I was looking for, I was just lost.

This brings me to my point of how we have looked at things in not just our lives but God’s Church. Their is another picture behind the first picture, there is another meaning behind the word that we read everyday.

We as christians have bought into the same thing that the children of Israel did some 4,000 yrs ago. We have re-created the temple according to the instructions of God to the Israelites almost to the T, including things in our buildings now in our churches, and that I might add more than what was in the physical temple of the Jews.

We not only have recreated the structure of the temple but we have built an impossible re-creation of Life of the temple!  God designed the temple in such a way that this was just a temporary picture of Himself. It was for the children of Israel that were to have this picture in front of them in daily life, and stare at it and see that it was just all about the High Priest. If we were the High Priest we would be filled,touched,mingled and Christlike.

This picture was and is still being put in front of us, but yet we just don’t see it until we know what we are looking at. I pray that you can now know what you are looking at when you see the picture of the temple.

My pray is that the people of God can all see the picture behind the picture of what God wants us to see!!

P.S. Just a mention here that this is the REAL CHURCH that Christ is talking about in the bible. We as High Priest’s are considered the “CHURCH”.

Thank you,God for your insight into your eternal ways and Life!



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