Are we a vine?

If we consider deeply the matter of the Lord’s likening Himself to a vine, we shall realize that of all the plants, flowers, grasses, and trees, the vine is the best plant to show the propagation and multiplication of life. A vine is not noted for its blossoms or its materials; it is noted for its manifestation of the riches of life. Once a vine is full of ripened fruit, you can easily discern the riches of life. So the vine produces life. The Lord is not life for people to appreciate as blossoms; neither is He life to be used as some kind of material. Rather, the Lord is life to bring forth life and to produce life.

The previous comment is borrowed from man with great insight into the word of God.

The vine example of the bible is actually the one that is in Genesis as the Tree of Life. Most scholars considered the tree in the garden to be that of a Vine Tree. This Vine tree was not of the normal perception of our eyes. You see we are in the stance that It was covered with fruit of some kind, I am not sure of this tho. If there was why was the other tree more desirable with its fruit?

It is with this I offer up an scenario of this moment in the garden. What if in front of Adam and Eve were these trees one with fruit and one without. Now I don’t know for sure but I am thinking our first instincts of our new life is hunger, and this tree with this fruit  on it is food. I think we pick this one! This is our natural or fleshly desires to succumb to our needs. But what if God’s desire on that day was different than to meet not only our fleshly desires but our spiritual desires.

It was not of a temporal desire met but an everlasting desire to live eternally,in Him.

This Tree was an Vine Tree, It was a tree that in reality could go on forever and ever, but also could go on forever and ever in an eternal way. It was only the continuous and forever branches from this  vine tree that made it go on forever and ever. It was life itself,never ending.

If we look at that tree with those fruit or apples, we did or we will find out that there are only so many apples on the tree, and when they are gone, they are gone. No life there is there.

Life is considered as eating and drinking of substance on a daily basis to sustain our life. (some better than others in this area,we know who you are too)

This is where we need to recognize that Life is not what we think it is on the surface, but underneath the tree. The life is in the tree, not outside the tree.

I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. John 15:5

I would like to mention something here that you might have picked up on in this verse.

Fruit.      Our understanding of this word may be skewed. What if we looked at this word and considered it not as a fruit as an reward or something produced but an example of life.

We, as branches have to have the “life” of Him in us to continually  sustain us(branches) to live. This is the LIFE that God is looking for in His Kingdom. Branches that are running with His Life thru our branches will be that New Jerusalem that Revelation 21 is is talking about.



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