Just pondering

I fear that we are without knowing leading a life of unknown living.

We are so into the mundane,same routine of life that we can’t but keep because we are so used to it, or we just hate change.

I say all this to say, We don’t really know what life is supposed to be?

We are so wrapped into our routines of work,play,eat,sleep and happiness that we are just setting ourselves up to be disappointed. We can’t succeed. No one has ever succeeded  at it. But yet we continue on with the same old ways from generation to generation without questioning anything of Why?

I have been studying people in the community for awhile, and I have surmised that It has gotten worse this last year. Now, this is not for the the average mall walker or the person you meet on the corner, but it is also christians in general.

Have our ways or our traditions let us down the wrong path? Have we assumed that what we are doing is the right way, and the right way for what? Why have we used the phrase “We always do it this way” when it doesn’t mean that it is the right way.

Let me take you back a few years, ok, more than a few years. With a reality check of your life and your beliefs, I want to challenge you to see where you really stand in the great scheme of things.

I would like for you to sit down and write your beliefs down on a piece of paper and have it around for you to look at and remind yourself what you base your life on. Do you really show an example of what you believe or is it just talk? Next, How did you come to this realization of your belief? Was it from your parents, from your grandparents, from reading, from experience of something, Bible reading, Church, or just don’t know? I want you to go back now and prove of what you believe, and convince why you believe what you believe.

I want to mainly challenge the christians and christianity and their faith. I want  us christians to re-evaluate our understanding of our faith and what we believe in!

I want to challenge the Church going,sunday school going,ministry commitment person, and the going every-time the church door is open member to go back to God’s word and pray/read the bible again.(prayer reading is asking for God’s thought on the printed word, and asking what His thoughts and attention was all about.) You will get a totally different look and feel of God’s Word.

I have a favorite Book that is very intriguing of what God’s plan and design for us,as His people to be indwelt with Him and having that sweet joy of God and His daily salvation.

I pray that you would read the Words of God again but also check out Hebrews with the intention of seeing what God’s all-inclusive life is all about!!

I fear that we have been going down the wrong path and to get on the right one may have us rethink our beliefs and God’s eternal Purpose for us.



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